This forum seems to have gone the way of Villas season, started full of hope, dropped into depression, got a blast of renewed hope and excitement and now gone flat!

Smith needs to get us back to winning ways, but I think we will miss the play offs and he will be preparing for next season moulding the squad to be his own.

We could still male it, but the defence is still too weak.

Onwards and upwards, we have to beat rock bottom Ipswich don't we?

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Think you're right. Big question for DS; does he concentrate on getting the team to play his way, even though it may expose more weaknesses, or does he adapt to the players he's got? Think he's tending to do the former, and he's probably right. That way he knows which players he can rely on for the future, and who doesn't cut it. Sending Bolasie back was a good move (OK Bolasie says he cut short the loan but the writing was on the wall).

We may yet get a good run, and we need one to have a chance of the playoffs. When Jack's back it should improve the way we play a lot. Trouble is that in the meantime we're struggling a bit against weaker teams like Wigan who we needed to beat but did the reverse; given the fixtures, now is the time we should be piling on the points.

Haven't given up on the playoffs, but we need to beat Ipswich. Last time we faced Lambert (at Wolves) we lost.

I am still hopeful of a play off so that buggered it.

one thing I don’t understand is Hogan, he was Deans man and worth £12m or was that just fatty paying over the odds again.

Got to keep the faith and believe in Dean we need to believe in someone after all this time of mismanagement 

Dean's got a problem in that our players didn't have a recognisable system under Bruce, so he's got work to do just to get them playing to one. Tweaking it to accomodate what Hogan needs is a long way down the line. In fact, Hogan seems to have gone off the boil, so it may not be worth it.

A win!!! We needed that. With 13 shots on target we should have scored more. Ipswich aren't a bad team in spite of their lowly position.

We need to keep this going.

Nice to win, sounds like we had a few defensive moments again. If we could keep a clean sheet, we'd be top of the league!!

I’ll take a win after that bad run, playing a lowly side next week so could make it a pair.



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