Well here we are guys. I didn't believe this was possible before Jack came back, when the season seemed to be fizzling out to a disappointing end.

So we have to do it this year don't we? It won't be easy despite beating Derby easily in both games this season.

We should be confident and we need to start on the front foot. I believe in Deano and the boys. I just hope we turn up and win comfortably.

I'll say it one last time, I hope, I hate the play offs, my heart couldn't take losing again.



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I feel much the same way, it is time to perform as I cannot take any more of this misery. When you look around at Leeds United, Notts Forrest et al it is easy to see how oblivion awaits teams who were once pretty good if not great.

I do have faith in this team and in Dean and his boys we have some very good players who if we are successful I hope we are able to sign.

We would have been relegated had we gone up last year but with new owners and a new manager I think we can and will do it on Monday.

Fingers and everything else crossed.

It's great!!!

Somehow last year, despite hoping for a win and logic telling me we ought to do it, I had a sneaking doubt. Never really thought Bruce was the right manager for us, I knew too much about his history, and there was too much in his tenure with us where odd decisions and a failure to maintain performances cost us. So it proved in the final. If we had gone up, it would have been a miserable season in the PL.

This year is different. We need to go out and perform, and nothing can guarantee that; players are human. But I think Dean Smith gives us a very good chance of doing it, and he's the sort of manager who has a plan B if plan A isn't working.

I'm much more comfortable with where we are. I think plans will be in place for next year, whether we go up or not. If we do go up, I think we'll have a good stab at staying up. If we don't go up, I think we'll be set up for doing it next year, even if we lose Jack and other players.

But we will win!!!! UTV

Its going to be s stressful afternoon i think, but hopeful we will do it.

You do have that feeling though that with Lampard you have a celebrity made for sky and the premiership, even though poss he could end up at Chelsea anyway.

Good luck Dean and Villa. 



We're back! Deserved to be. Derby gave us few problems, even though we went a bit flat towards the end.

Hasn't really sunk in that we're back in the PL. But it's massive. We can keep our best, although I think Tammy will go. I'm sure we'll see some class signings coming in. Then it's pre-season, and back to where we belong. Here's to the future!


Nerve wracking but yes

Excited and need to lie down for a few weeks 

We’ll done everyone especially Dean



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