Certainly a hangover over the QPR result. Will we have recovered by Saturday? Or perhaps the question should be, will Bruce do the job he's supposed to?

He doesn't like changing his team, and that's got a lot to do why we were second best against QPR. Too many tired legs. Daft!!!

What will he do against Bolton? Will he play Jedinak again as DM? Or in a back three? Don't think he'll do that because it sounds as though Bree is in for Taylor. If he does either we stand a decent chance of losing what should be a solid win.

I'd like to see Barney in at DM, because we're so much better going forwards when he's there. If we go on the attack we'll keep Bolton on the defence and create good scoring chances. If we put on another sluggish show then it gives Bolton the chance to take the initiative.

Still seething over QPR. Don't want another shock!


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Got to win no matter what team he puts out.

still have a chance to pick up, catch up Cardiff with the games they have but feel 7 is maybe a touch to far for us.

On another point I wish Bruce and villa would stop going on about the wolves super agent, players signed.

Think about us Bruce, Wolves are top for a reason. We spent 60 odd million to be 3rd. That's down to you and the villa board, not a classy  Wolves team that have dominated the league bar a few games with a cheaper budget.

I think we'll see a good performance today. The lads will want to bounce back with 3 points,

Let's face it we cannot afford many more slip ups.

I hope QPR can get something at Fulham.

The 3 wise musketeers above always make for a good read but they are the eternal optimists with their predictions ?

I suppose we are, as seasoned Villa supporters now used to the ups & downs which surround being so such a fanatical bunch !! - I get exhilarated when we win but not so downhearted as many a year ago when we lose - maybe subconsciously its something that I expect !

I will wait patiently for next seasons outcome in the hope that we will have a manager that we can all be confident with  - ok then maybe its just me who is not prepared to gloss over his many faults.


If we are to be promoted at all, we must win this one, they are the 'Wanderers" not us we must focus and do a job. 0-1 or better I do not care its time to grind one out.

If Bruce doesn't play Bjarnason as DM then he is a prat but we know that anyway.

Al least QPR did us a favour !

Wonders will never cease; Bjarnason in as DM! Maybe Bruce is learning. Grabban on his own up front. Bree at left back. RHM on the bench.

No quarrel with that. Now lets see if they can do the business.

Well watching that so far I suppose you could blame the conditions or you could blame the opposition for being too good ?



What a difference a week makes GRRRRRRR!!!

Conditions were awful but so were we.

The Play-Offs at best are what we will get but apart from Derby we are the weakest it would seem.

It is a lottery from now but even if we went up we would almost certainly come straight back, maybe another year in the champo is best?


Conditions were awful but the same for Bolton, we have really lost the plot.  thank God for the internationals, give the poor dears a break but more importantly give us a break from this crap.

Strangely enough, I'm less bothered by this than QPR. That was played in much better conditions, at home, and should have been a victory not an embarrassing defeat, for which I totally blamed Bruce's poor judgement.

This we lost by a goal, did have a few good chances which on another day would have gone in, and were undoubtedly affected by the weather; I think the way we play means we'd be more likely to be affected by the weather than Bolton.

We should have done better, but the thing which is really hitting us is that we should have done far better in the first half of the season. If we had, we could just have shrugged off this result and moved on.

What we have to do now is make sure we do reach the playoffs. Also we do need to get to the playoffs with a first team which is not shattered and has the legs for it. That means using the squad to give some players some rests, not something which Bruce is good at. 

We'll almost certainly reach the playoffs; we'd have to, say, be 3 losses worse than Bristol C in 7th not too, which is unlikely (?) to happen. It's then another big test of Bruce. Aaaargh!



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