Certainly a hangover over the QPR result. Will we have recovered by Saturday? Or perhaps the question should be, will Bruce do the job he's supposed to?

He doesn't like changing his team, and that's got a lot to do why we were second best against QPR. Too many tired legs. Daft!!!

What will he do against Bolton? Will he play Jedinak again as DM? Or in a back three? Don't think he'll do that because it sounds as though Bree is in for Taylor. If he does either we stand a decent chance of losing what should be a solid win.

I'd like to see Barney in at DM, because we're so much better going forwards when he's there. If we go on the attack we'll keep Bolton on the defence and create good scoring chances. If we put on another sluggish show then it gives Bolton the chance to take the initiative.

Still seething over QPR. Don't want another shock!


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Dam right McP

It appears that you are more conservative with your views which are spot on !

BUT as you say our early season form is now costing us - even then we could have used our superb youngsters who at present are denied any opportunities to progress at first team level ! most comments are suggesting the first players are 'knackered' & deserve a break ? 'he ' appears would rater use loanies than progress our up & coming youngsters who are our future !



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