Most Competitive Competition Ever.... Really.... The bookies say different.

So the much promoted Rubgy World Cup starts at the end of this week, the mighty contest of egg chasers has been touted as the most competitive and hardest tournament to win in history. Stories of how every contest is a difficult one, rumours of how the “minor” nations have honed the skill sets and improve beyond all recognition, suggestions that their could be a shock.

But I asked you if it realy is the most “competitive competition” in the history on the tournament how you can see odds like NewZealand 2000-1 on to beat Figi, Ireland 200-1 on to beat the USA, or Australia 100-1 on to beat Italy…. If it is sooooooo close across the board they why are the (no very often wrong) bookies presenting the betting public with odds like that.

Is there any point in paying any attention until the quarter finals?

Is there any point in paying it any attention?

Where else do you see these kind of odds across the board when entering the final stage of a major world competition?

RWC I’ll see you in the Quarter Finals… until then Football…

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its still between ten teams tops in terms of upsets but maybe 3/4 teams to actually win it. 

where as it would be farcical to say every team participating could win it, the phyiscal demands are becoming so high that a run out against namimbia, the eagles or to a lesser extent italy, still take a massive toll on the players bodies in so far as it can highly affect the performance for the next game against the bigger guns .. ie the wallabies .. bring it on!! 

c'mon ireland



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