Just got back from another week away at work this time the work although hard with long hour's i have enjoyed the banter with several Rotherham fan's who where telling me not so long ago that Villa would be relegated this season .

This week i have had the time of my life pointing out to them where Villa are now and where Rotherham will be playing there game's next season .

The answer's and excuse's they have come up with regarding Rotherham's and Villa's form have been absolutely brilliant to hear it was great to see them walk out of the room when i come in and for a change i have been able to do something that i have not done for a good few season's and that is sing Villa's praise's to other football fan's .

The run we are on at the moment is excellent and i do hope we can continue this against Burton i hope i am not tempting fate by predicting another win for us ( How long is it since we could say that ) and we can keep our outside chance's of the play off's alive .

The game against Burton i obviously would like to see a win but with one thing added more possession and also i would like to see someone else share the goal scoring with Kodjia as if god forbid he got injured or suspended our goal's would dry up immediately just about .

Come on lad's do the business once more with a win and let me make my work mate's who are Rotherham fan's have another week crying in to there cornflakes at breakfast .




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Looking forward to another win, it's a good habit to have.

Dont understand why Hourihane isn't starting but hey ho onwards and upwards.
Goal, guess who?

Hero. We have to keep him. Villa legend in the making.

Damn you Rizla, you blew it. It is all your fault that our winning run came to an end, grrrrrrr!!!


Let's hope we come flying out of the blocks next season and win the division by Christmas!!!!!

Mixed feelings about this. Would have been nice to have won, and with Wednesday and Fulham both winning it now means our promotion hopes have gone, but that was pretty likely anyway.

Now is the time to face up to our problems, and start to get things sorted, well before next season. Kodjia is the only one scoring goals, probably due to the fact that our midfield still isn't up to scratch. And we need more flexibility about how we play and what players we use. View this as an extended pre-season. We haven't seen much of Green, Grealish, Hourihane and Bree of late. Time for Bruce to look at these options.

Don't forget that little playmaker Gill, he could be a useful extra next year.

I had given up on promotion this season anyway so for me it's all about finding that combination to do as Bosco says and win it by Christmas.



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