Mourinho surely on the wind up with Chelsea move for Barcelona star

One Catalan sport newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, today has Petr Cech on the front cover and a story about how he's now at the top of Barcelona's wanted list to replace the departing Victor Valdes. The other Catalan newspaper, Sport, has Valdes and Mourinho on the front cover saying that Chelsea are willing to match the wages he's asking for and sign Valdes on a free from Barcelona next summer.


It's all getting very confusing regarding goalkeepers in Barcelona, every day there's a new claim and every day a new man gets to be at the top of the wanted list. Chelsea interest in Valdes is a new twist on this. Sport say that Mourinho is willing to get the Premier League side to match the €10m a year which Valdes wants. That's a lot of money for a goalkeeper but Valdes is excellent, probably vastly underrated simply because he's so in the shadows at Barcelona.

Sport say there has already been contact and Valdes has reacted positively to it, making Chelsea take the operation all the more serious. The newspaper claim that with speculation growing, nice tie-up with the Mundo cover there, over Cech's future that Mourinho has been checking the goalkeeper market out. Sport claim that Mourinho doesn't have enough confidence in Thibaut Courtois because of his age, and wants a more experienced goalkeeper with experience of winning the biggest trophies.

It's seen as a positive that Valdes and Mourinho only really had one big altercation, and that was when the Portuguese manager was at Inter Milan. That would be ignoring all the swipes sent through the media. However, Sport insist that Chelsea are best positioned.

Assuming it hasn't all simply been made up then it would be a shock for Chelsea to make contact with Valdes. If Mourinho wants experience he has Cech, if he wants youth he has Courtois, the last thing Chelsea need right now is a goalkeeper.

If true, we can only assume Mourinho is out to get one over on Barcelona. Whether he'd actually go through with the signing just to irritate Catalonia, and Spain in general, is quite another thing. Someone is on the wind up. 

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