Moyes told Mazinho he wants Thiago to be his new Arteta at Manchester United and that has swung it

There are many articles in both England and Spain today the possibility of Thiago moving to Manchester United, in Spain they mainly cover the wages the player would be getting if he moved and there are some claims he's been offered just over 4m a year and others that it's more like 6m, which the player is stated as wanting. If Thiago does eventually leave then the Barcelona press will no doubt label him as greedy, because those kind of figures aren't thrown around for young La Masia products at the Camp Nou.

However, Sport have a big article on how Moyes sees Thiago at his new Manchester United and reckon they know what was said between the new man in charge at Old Trafford and Mazinho, Thiago's father. They say, at least in this article, that it wasn't money which convinced Mazinho or a guarantee of first team football, or any specific explanation of him leading the team forward, it was simply a conversation about Mikel Arteta.

Moyes is said to have told Mazinho 'I want him to be like the Arteta I had at Everton', obviously that doesn't mean winning nothing and getting no international recognition before a cut-price move to Arsenal, but more of an explanation of the role Moyes sees Thiago taking.

Mazinho was by all accounts impressed by this and sees how Moyes helped the career of Arteta and mould him into the protagonist of Everton's midfield. Being that at Manchester Untied would be on a higher level completely and that's where the attraction lies for Mazinho and his son. They know Moyes understands the player and his role, and the Arteta situation has given them extra confidence that the new Manchester United manager knows what he's doing when it comes to Spanish players of that type,

Sport say that Moyes has played a huge role in the effort to convince Mazinho and Thiago, and will be a big part of the reason he joins, if the deal is completed. The newspaper concede, in this one article (they'll probably change their minds if the move happens), that Thiago isn't moving for money, although Manchester United are offering more than Barcelona would. They say it's the promise of a prominent role and the explanation Moyes has put across about Thiago being his new Arteta. They label the chance to be the protagonist of Manchester United's midfield 'priceless'.

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