while we're mid-topic of the youth, can I just say I am so proud of Jonny Evans!!


his form was doubted (probably rightly so) last year, and he was touted as a useless, slow, immobile defender. remind u of anyone (nemaja's forst 6 months, and the one time torres did him)


Jonny has looked like an extablished centre half, and undroppable - so far. and still only what, 23?


thoughts please?

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Well they say form is temporary and class is permanent-SAF must have been encouraged by him during training, perhaps there were off the field distractions or something. Either way, he seems to have dropped into the form he was in a couple years ago
Any updates on his injury?
Also Cleverley's and Evra's?
I must apologise here.  I gave Cleverley to kiss of death by putting him in my fantasy team (not the SW one though) before the weekend!
Love that he is finding his confidence. He was always a good passer of the ball and a finesse type of defender and fits our style of play these days.

He is a brilliant player and the fact he's only 23 is shocking. Yes, he had poor form but he's come out and acknowledge that, he's gone through that difficult period. 


The number of excellent CBs we have at United is stunning. Our reserve CBs would be first choice for the vast majority of clubs, teams like Liverpool and Villa included. And at least one would get in every other side.

Maybe his poor form last season came from a lack of confidence...?  Maybe he thought no matter how well he played, once Rio and Vidic were fit they would be back in the side.  This season, Fergie's already shown that they are no longer automatic picks anymore and everyone is on an equal playing field.


I know it is early days, but if Jones, Smalling and Evans continue how they have started, can we expect to Rio or Vidic leaving?  Maybe both?  I'd be surprised if Vidic left but Fergie may choose to cash in whilst he still can.


You guys have a back line that can go on for years in a similar way to the Arsenal old guard:


Seaman - De Gea

Dixon - Rafeal

Winterburn - Fabio

Evans - Keown

Jones - Adams

Smalling - Bould


I should probably point out that I am not comparing the individuals, just the defensive unit.

Nah, Vidic and Rio should both stay, Vidic when fit should and must start. But I have always had faith in Evans, even when last season people where asking for him to be loaned out. It was stupid really, he is a young player and all young players go through rough patches, it is how they come out of it that is important, Evans clearly has worked very hard and is a great talent.

I really like his sleek play, he has a great touch on him and his passing is fantastic, esp long passing. He is a very good defender and only 23. Like Jones, he has captain material and Ferguson really likes him. At the moment, he should continue to start.

You see more of Evans than me but I can't see him being a captain, not at Old Trafford anyway.  Too quiet and does not lead by example (something I feel is done by attacking rather than defensive players)either.


I don't think Vidic will leave, I think he will be your main guy at the back, was just asking the question.

I think last season, he like a lot of United players had a dip. I think we could all see from, his first season, how good he could be, but like with Anderson, many wrote him off. This season, he's a season wiser, got a good understanding not only with Smalling, but now Jones. Those three will definitely be the future of United's defence.

my spelling/typing ability really is atrocious after a few glasses of vino!!


yeah Vidic is going nowhere for the next 5 years I'd say, it's great we have so many options now at the back


can really see Jones getting a few runs in CM - he has all the attributes to play there!!



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