Nemanja Vidic probably won't feature for Manchester United again this season

Despite reports that Nemanja Vidic was ahead of schedule with his recovery from a serious knee injury, his former national team doctor disagrees that the player could be back before the end of this season. 

Although Manchester United haven't struggled as much as many thought they would without their captain, it was still great news for supporters that Vidic may be making a surprise comeback.

Dejan Jovanovic, who was one the first to reveal the full extent of the Serbian's injury, told Sport 360 "I spoke with the Serbian doctors on Sunday and at the moment, all the medical information is being kept with the Manchester United team doctors, they are keeping it all in-house.

“However, with this type of injury, the normal time of recovery is six to nine months. He was injured last December to that would probably rule him out for this season."

For Vidic to play any real part in the current season he'd be looking to commence training in early April and Jovanovic thinks this is unlikely "Nemanja is very motivated, and it’s likely he’ll be back in under a year from when he suffered the injury. May is probably too early, but knowing what immense strength Nemanja has he could be back in the summer."

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