I hear most united fans last season crying out for more creativity, more involvement in the transfer window. As soon as the window opened we have been linked to tons of players and look set to sign jones who i think will be a brilliant buy. I know it wasnt what we were expecting but he will be a top player who will one day replace rio. We also seem set for ashley young who everyone is saying is not good enough for united which is what i think alot of people said about valencia whos been brilliant. We need a left winger cause nani is a right winger and has been poor since putting him on the right. The third player is nasri who would be great and is just what we need for more goals from midfield and yes he didnt have a great second half of the season for arsenal but whih player did for them? So these would be great signings for united so stop complaining.

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Valencia has not been brilliant. He has been steady. 



He made tons of assists for rooney in his first season and since coming back from injury has managed to knock nani to the bench. Ok he might not be as spectacular as nani at times but he'll rarely have a bad game wheras you never know what your gonna get with nani.
tbf to Nani when he was playing game after game you did know what to expect, an assist and a performance to watch, since Valencia came back he's not been regular and his form has suffered.
He got 13 assists total in his first season. Not that great. He gets in the team because he works hard. His technical ability is non existant.

"He got 13 assists total in his first season. Not that great."


Well actually that is pretty impressive. Not sure what you are expecting from a debutant. Ronaldo certainly didn't manage that in his first season, nor did Nani for two seasons. I can't be bothered to check but I would guess that Bale, Nasri and Silva didn't manage it either.

All of those have more to their game, bar maybe bale. 


Valencias job is to create goals, 13 isnt that many, especially not in 49 games. 

More to their game than what? Valencia keeps the ball well, can defend, can play right back, assists and chips in with goals too. It's wingers job to create, stretch defences and score. I ask you again, which of those players had a better debut season? Answer: Valencia.

Assisted 13, scored 7. A winger contributing 20 goals is pretty damn impressive really.


Not suggesting he's the best. Just that your criticism of his first season is pretty absurd.


p.s. you say those players have more to their game then say it's his job to create goals. So f he creates (more) goals, why does it matter if he doesn't have more to his game? That's like saying a goalkeeper has more clean sheets than anyone else but isn't the world's best shot stopper.

Well joe hart kept more clean sheets last year than vds but you wouldnt say he is beter than him would you? 


Not really either, his first season was average. 7 goals and 13 assists in a top team isnt a very good return. Its a decent return. 


He is an average player to be sure. 

Contributing 20 goals in 50 games is close to the ratio expected of strikers. And again, I was distinguishing between 'season' and 'first season', while comparing other wingers. So by your reasoning Silva, Nani etc had worse first seasons than Valencia.

Tons of assists?


What 7 hahaha



young is a winger who we dont need
Why who have we got thats better than young on the left?



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