Big game today, who thinks we'll win?

Happy New Year to all and here's hoping we can go on a great run now and surge up to second spot (well I can dream can't I?).

I hope the guys who were sick the other day still are so that Bruce has to use the kids again.

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Well he is playing one of the kids tonight, Grealish and Hogan also starts another game.

its said that he wants to sign Johnstone but it’s also said Manu want him back to sign for £4m to Albion.

thats the nature of loan players they can be recalled, if you didn’t waste as much money on players you don’t play then you would have plenty to add to the team, muppet 

cant see anything for us tonight, hope Baker enjoys himself as another ex players who does better away from Villa because we have had so many muppet managers 

Happy New Year all. Hope it stays like that!

Same team as Saturday except Grealish starts. Think it's the same bench except Taylor back filling the Grealish slot, and Davis back as well. Ironic that Elphick is playing his third game in a row.

Our best hope is that Bristol C are shattered! But then, probably so are we.

Edit: 1-0 Hogan. Not bad for a makeshift CF.

2-0 Snoddy

And Snoddy scores again, it’s a dream I drank too much I’ll wake up in a while 3-0 bloody hell

4-0 I am really not well

3 up & he still refuses to play one of the kids - mans a clown !!!

It's really something when Thor scores!! What a result this is. I think we have our team for home matches at least with Terry to come back for Elphick and Kodjia as well!

Only 5 points off promotion - can we dream again?

Massive difference playing players in their right positions. Never thought Thor could be as bad as he was made out to be. A team with Elphick, Hogan, Grealish and Thor in it being 4-0 up; wow!

Seems we're playing a lot faster and not thumping it. Agnew?

I think I’ve gone to heaven 5-0 What can you say the muppet made a mistake with this 

Really good result for the loyal supporters at VP & a good way to start 2018 !

But do not get carried away & start thinking about promotion - City were with their small squad decidedly jaded & tired & for only a few times this season the clown/idiot managed by luck to get something nearly right !

THE KIDS NEED TO PLAY !! not just for 10 mins when we are coasting against a team that was well stuffed ! Grealish showed his potential which we knew he had ? BUT what happens when the 'old guard' returns - Elphick played 10 times better than Terry & Whelan combined the defence looked more stable & balanced - do we really need the old timers ? no we do not - the youngsters are our future so C'mon clown give em the chance they deserve !  

The killer is that this performance was with a team forced on Bruce. And the players he discarded showed that they were the good players we thought they were when they arrived. Proper link-up play like we've never seen before under Bruce. Adomah knowing where Hogan would be for the first two goals and Hogan being there. Elphick showing he's a class defender when the defence isn't exposed by a crap midfield. And so on.

It looks to me as though the  players are finally getting some proper team coaching, and the obvious suspicion is that it's down to Agnew. Long may it continue. But will Bruce learn from his past mistakes?

I think sometimes as villa fans we are quick to criticise and slow to praise. At the end of the day the ‘clowns’ team has just won 2 seemingly difficult games on the trot - away at Boro and then stuffed a very good Bristol City 5-0. One of the clowns transfers (Snodgrass) is now starting to play really well and score goals + Grealish seems to have got his head together for now and is making an impact. Ok - you could argue that the young players aren’t getting game time - but maybe the clown just wanted to use his most experienced players to hammer home how well we were playing and give a team a good stuffing - something we haven’t done for a while.........



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