Big game today, who thinks we'll win?

Happy New Year to all and here's hoping we can go on a great run now and surge up to second spot (well I can dream can't I?).

I hope the guys who were sick the other day still are so that Bruce has to use the kids again.

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Significant thing was that this wasn't his standard team, in particular:

Hutton at LB, providing Adomah and others with the support that Taylor generally doesn't.

Grealish at No. 10, creating problems far up the pitch

Hogan leading the line, showing what he can do if he gets the service.

Elphick at CB, showing he's far more effective than Samba, or Jedinak in that position.

Whelan not on the pitch; he's generally a rock, but now too slow and recently beome error-prone.

These all explain the big increase in the level of performance. And it all helped in Bjarnason getting his first (very well taken) goal for the club when he came on.

Critical thing will be if Bruce puts out teams which can continue with this level of performance. It's up to him.

I can't help but think that Agnew has had a very positive effect on the way we play.

Got to agree with all of that McP as many on here have said over the season.

my only doubt is whether Bruce is bright enough to work out why we won the last two games and the part Elphic and Hogan can play and more importantly could have played already if he wasn’t such a muppet.

i hope he plays a great youth team in the FA cup but will he?

A point that I put forward in the mail was that the squad looked more solid, stable, dare I say a good team because the changes to the squad were forced on Bruce, otherwise the "clown" would of stuck with the same team that was faltering, badly.

I give credit to those players like Elphic,, Hogan and the youngster who got on with training, being professional, whilst Bruce played dross like Samba, Gabby etc.before getting a chance.

Cant praise a coach that plays the negative way Bruce plays with players in wrong positions but some fans want to praise him with these last 2 results. this run was forced on him due to injuries to some utter poor players, not because he is a good tactical coach.

wizard spot on



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