Team: Johnstone Hutton Chester Elphick Taylor Bjarnason Lansbury Jedinak Hourihane Kodjia Hogan

Bench: Bunn Baker Amavi Grealish Adomah Bacuna Gardner

Unless Baker has a problem can't understand why Elphick is replacing him.

We need a decent performance and if we get that we have a chance of a result. Not holding my breath.

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1-0 to them at half time. We had better find our scoring boots or the wretched run will continue. Didn't expect a result, but hope springs eternal!

One shot on target and in it goes! Up until then we were the better team.

2-0. Definitely not the better team now. Good players (mainly). Wrong positions and the attack is pathetic; Hogan policed by 3 players and nobody else in sight.

Nothing changes from before the game. We need to stick together and get behind the team, most of us didn't expect to win today.

I'm sure the kids on Twitter will scream for a change, but this will do no good.

We have to stick with Bruce or the merry go round will go on and on. 

That's fine stick with Bruce but someone has to be held responsible for this mess and that man is Bruce.

We have been here before and slated players who have all but gone. Only one starter tonight was here last season, Hutton.

Bruce has been given the tools he now has to manage them.

Still cannot get my head around how so many manager's have come to Villa with good reputation's and cv's but after the initial 5 or so game's we as a team seem to lose our way .

This has got me thinking that Villa is a manager's grave yard or the poison challis for manager's

May be it is just me over thinking thing;s ? .



Easy to say but hard to do all Villa fan's need to get behind our manager and player's now more than ever hope the substitution's were not for long term injuries .

We have to just keep on getting behind the team and hope our luck change's soon and we get a formation that work's and our player's start playing as a team not as individual's .



Got to keep Jedinak fit now. Hourihane and Lansbury will get used to playing with him and realise they can go forward. Adomah on the right, Green on the left and Kodjia up front. Still not convinced about Johnstone but maybe the terms of the deal were that he has to play?
Looks like Hogan will be out for a while. Jeez, it's another SOS to Gabby again! Is he even fit anyway? Is Hepburn-Murphy fit? Tonight was deja vu again. Start brightly. Fail to score. Make an error. Collapse. It's certainly the case that we are having no breaks whatsoever and haven't for a while. Interesting what Steve Clark said on TV earlier. Basically with 19 players coming in this season and 19 players going out, what do you expect? He said that Bruce will get it right but it 'will take a very long time'. Well we may have to come back via League 1 because that juggernaut is looking unstoppable now.

Gabby's out for some more weeks. Kodjia might have picked up some injury. So we may not have a recognised forward available, apart from Davis. As we never give them the ball maybe it won't make any difference.

I'd be surprised if there isn't another manager being thought of as plan B. If the objective is just to get to the end of the season then regroup then maybe not, But I think that's dangerous; we should be using the rest of this season as preparation for next, not just survival. I suspect Xia has a red line, and it's well before the end of the season. Sooner rather than later in fact.

Going down is still not likely. We have a buffer, and have still to play most of the teams at the bottom.

What's happened to Kozak? Always preferred him to Gabby or Gestede, but he just seems to have disappeared?

Kozak's injured for the rest of the season; had an operation on his ankle a couple of weeks ago.



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