Team: Johnstone Hutton Chester Elphick Taylor Bjarnason Lansbury Jedinak Hourihane Kodjia Hogan

Bench: Bunn Baker Amavi Grealish Adomah Bacuna Gardner

Unless Baker has a problem can't understand why Elphick is replacing him.

We need a decent performance and if we get that we have a chance of a result. Not holding my breath.

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The fact that we have to play our relegation rivals is even more worrying. We are so down on our heels and our luck at the moment, you wonder just where on earth we will get the 10-12 points required to stop up. Lose a couple of 'six-pointers' and it's 'hello Doncaster'.

Look on it the other way. We really should beat those clubs. Get 3 wins before the end of the season, throw in the odd draw and we're safe. That would still be appalling; we really ought to do better.

Doom and gloom over, we will stuff Derby at the weekend and go on an amazing run.

Let's all do the SAMBA!! Yikes

Who needs strikers!

The commuters on Southern Rail would like to do without strikers.

We shouldn't worry we never play to our strikers needs anyway so we won't miss Hogan for the time being.



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