We should have the edge at the weekend, we are undefeated at home while Wednesday have only won once away and that was in August.

They are the only team that Bolton have managed to beat this season, Even the Blues beat them at St Andrews.

So we should be confident, but I know none of us ever are, we keep expecting the disappointment, heaven, half of us seem to be unhappy even when we win!!!!!!

Same team is likely unless Kodjia is back, he has to put the kids on the bench doesn't he?

I am hopeful of another 3 points to keep pace with the top two.

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Fair point Bosco .

I think and this may sound crazy bearing in mind our recent past .

Villa fan's now want the team to get point's every game .

Yes that is possible but that is a big ask at any club with any manager .

We have had a good run with some great result's but as with every great club there will be games that we do not turn up to the easy option then is blame the manager for that defeat .

The player's must take some of the blame they are the one's on the pitch they are the one's who score goal's to win games no matter how a team is set up to play there will be chance's created in that 90 min's Bruce cannot put the ball in the net a player has to and if he misses then who is to blame .

Bad result today draw breath learn lesson's from this if possible and move on to the next game .

Main down side is i will be supping crappy Carling in the Castle Club tonight as i dare not go down to The Red Lion and supp Sam Smiths Taddy because there are a good few Wednesday fan's go in there .



Sack Bruce and managers would be queuing up. Decent position, good squad and everything to play for. Managers don't give a damn about how other managers are treated; it's an opportunity for them.

Having said that, I'm no Bruce fan but this result isn't the one to chop him over. I thought we could lose one of Preston and Wednesday. Win the remaining three in November and we'll still have had a good month. Lose another and we're starting to go backwards.

As it is, we're still in 5th, for the moment. Losing some ground on the top 2 places though. We might have been better off with a few more changes. Still think De Laet at LB and Elmo further forwards was worth a shot.

when you let in a freak goal like what Wednesday scored after 30 seconds, it always is going to send the plans out the window.

We didn't play that bad, its just that that early goal got Weds fired them up to play better than us.

it was just one of those games that was due to happen.

I thought 4 points from these past 3 games would be about right against the teams we have just played,

so I'm not that worried.



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