The man to the right won't mean much to the majority of you. Just a guy in shoulder pads, with a big number '12' on the front of his chest. He's a happy fella.

In reality, his name is Andrew Luck, and he is the biggest prospect to have been offered to the NFL in nearly twenty years. He is the unanimous first choice for the NFL Draft, which will take place tonight at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

To make it easier for you, I'll try and explain it using football terms. Andrew Luck is effectively a young Lionel Messi - bags and bags of potential, and wanted by every club around. The NFL Draft is like the summer transfer window, but is only three days long. So just a souped-up Transfer Deadline Day, with a hell of a lot more money involved.

Luck is, quite frankly, astonishingly talented. Many believe he's the best quarterback since Peyton Manning in 1998, and some are even comparing him to the great John Elway, from 1983. It's a big title to bestow, but he couldn't be a better player than he is this year.

He very nearly declared himself eligible for the Draft last season, when he was widely expected to link up with former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, who joined the San Francisco 49ers. He chose to return for one final season, making him the automatic choice for 1st pick in 2012 - and this was already being decided before he'd picked up a football this year.

But it's a nice, simple process. The Indianapolis Colts had their worst season for 21 years, partly due to the loss of the aforementioned Manning for the entire season, and therefore choose first later this evening. Luck has already been discussing a deal with the Colts, and it was announced earlier this week that the deal was already agreed, and just needed finalising upon the start of the Colts' time later tonight. It takes a lot of pain out of the process.

Teams were said last season to 'Suck for Luck' - playing badly intentionally in order to have the choice of signing the Stanford quarterback upon his declaration for the Draft. The Colts have won the battle, but the Draft will continue to throw up some great choices and great players that will make a big difference to the next twelve months. The likes of Robert Griffin III, another incredibly talented quarterback, who is tipped to be joining the Washington Redskins who have traded their choices to have 2nd pick this year. There's also Matt Kalil, an offensive tackle who is predicted to be joining the Minnesota Vikings, who have the 3rd pick. It will be an interesting few days.

This weekend is one of the best in American sport, and once you've experienced it, you'll understand. If, for obvious reasons, you can't give up your night's sleep, have a nose at the likes of Twitter in the morning - you can see who picks who via the official NFL Twitter stream, or, if you really want to, come and say hello to me - I'm @AdamMillsUK.

Who do you want your team to pick tonight? Let me know on Twitter, or via the comments box below!

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Still unsure about NFL stuff? Go on Twitter and ask Adam, he'll help you out. 

I really will, as well. You ask, I'll answer. Or at least try to answer...

I'll be blogging more and more about the NFL throughout the coming weeks and months, trying to explain a little better the sport as a whole. It has 217m fans in the US, and I'm almost certain some of you will love it just as much as your standard football, rugby or F1.

Ask away!

Love the NFL have been watching for 3 years now, and while I get almost everything, the draft is the one thing that I just don't get, I don't get how picks work and it is just confusing to me

Picks are decided based on the previous season. So, for example, the Colts had the worst record, and therefore are allowed to pick first in each round, and the Giants, who won the Superbowl, pick last in each round. This makes it much more fair, season on season, and the theory behind it is that every team will get their chance to pick the best players eventually.

Teams are allowed to trade their picks - their picks are effectively a currency - and teams can demand a lot for higher picks. For example, the St. Louis Rams had the second pick, but the Washington Redskins traded their first-round picks for 2012, 2013, and 2014, plus two other picks for the spot, and subsequently chose Robert Griffin III. Confusing, but once you've got your head round it, it's a doddle!



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