Just a quick one. What happens if we don't sign this elusive central midfielder?

Are we in danger of being left behind? Well, maybe not "left behind," but, caught with relative ease...

Although we have made signings, they aren't team changing. They add depth, and something for the future.

Don't we still lack that something special in the centre of midfield?? 



I personally am not one of those people who wants to see us spend £30-40 million on one player. But when you see Chelsea attempt to sign a player as good as Modric, it is worrying, and we should compete.

Perhaps Ferguson finally sees Andersons ability. Maybe we will see him play a more advanced, creative role next year... 

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I think De Gea is very much a team changing signing.  Other than that, I don't see the problem if you don't sign anyone.  You have lost Scholes and Hargreaves, the former was playing a bit part and the latter not at all.  You have the players to cope.  Ferguson never seems to go all out in the centre, he seems to prefer the work horses to keep things ticking over.

I don't see De Gea as team changing, yet!
Right now, he's just an adequate replacement for Van Der Sar. I'll be surprised if he gets as many clean sheets as Edwin did last season, in his first year. 


As a Liverpool fan, where do you see us next season then? Are we still the team that everyone has to catch? or would you see Chelsea as they are now, plus one or two quality players, as the team to catch??


I did mean that De gea could be team changing in a negative way.  I agree he won't get as manay clean sheets at first.  I can also see him becoming a great signing but he needs to settle quickly. If not, he could be like when we signed Grobs, shaky and not what you would expect in goal at first, but with time his composure and quality grew.


On the prediction article, I said Man Utd to win the league.

Although, until the 1 September comes, it is difficult to say.  And even then, it depends how players settle.  But I fully expect Man Utd to be in the top two with the usual scenario of 'whoever finishes above you will win the league'.
De Gea got the most clean sheets in La Liga and at Utd he will have a great defense behind him. He is a better shot stopper than Edwin. He will do just fine. Just a shame we won't see him on Wednesday.
His positioning might be a little suspect if the great defence is behind him?? lol!!!

I agree with you alwaysunited, currently if Gibson leaves we only have Fletcher, Anderson and Carrick. Yes Giggs and Park can play in central midfield, but unless I have missed someone out, those are our only options.

I would be shocked if we lost Hargreaves, Gibson and Scholes and signed nobody in that position.

Cleverly is also there

I see to much of this " X player can play there if we want"


Surely we should have players espcially suited to positions when we need them, not people to just fill in. The worst is when people say wew are ok at RB because valencia and fletcher can play there, im sorry but i dont want to be playing barca or inter with feltcher at right back. Surely we are too big of a club for players to just fit in if needed.

That is true, forgot about cleverely actually, though I have no idea if he'll play central midfield.



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