Norwegian TV station apologises after mocking Manchester City

For as long as most people can remember, Manchester City have been referred to as Manchester Shitty by childish opposition fans on occasion. It's just a throwaway insult, not meaning much and belongs in the same 'Can't You Think of Anything Better?' pigeonhole as things like 'Loserpool/Liverfool' and 'Slur Alex Ferguson'.

Not too offensive but just a bit silly and childish.

Norwegian TV channel TV2 probably weren't aware of this when their graphics man thought he'd make a joke out of Manchester City's summer signings and he labelled them as 'Shitty Summer Shopping', thinking his play on words was quite original and clever...

The TV station faced something of a backlash and VG in Norway have covered their apology. The TV station did mean to use the word 'shitty' but didn't think people would take it as such an insult and claim they weren't aware that opposition fans sometimes refer to the club as Manchester Shitty.

Spokesman Lars Halvor Rabben is quoted as saying "It was just a play on words that didn't fall on good ground at all. Therefore we apologise."

TV2 must be pretty naive if they thought City fans would take being called Shitty well. 

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