So Cardiff lose with two missed penalties - that’s got to hurt for a while. If we win the gap is 4 points and, whilst they will have a game in hand, they have to come to us.

We must beat Norwich to put the pressure on even more. We had the chance to rest some players early against Reading so same team?

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We have a glimmer of hope. Unchanged team from Reading.

Not sure how the Reading game gives a glimmer of hope - it was hardly an encouraging performance against a very poor side !

Watching this performance & 3-1 down - We might just as well play the kids cos they appear to be playing good football - might have something to do with Bruce not involved !

Having watched Cardiff v Wolves it appears that we are in a different league but again they both have progressive managers - what have we got ? - another disappointing end to season with the prospect of another season in championship with even less cash & players - Mans a pillock !!!

Down 1-0 pretty nothing game so far 

Does this Bruce bloke have the first idea what he is doing? 2-0 down and he takes off two wingers who supply the ball and now has three strikers again

whos supplying the ball?

Only Villa can do this Cardiff Lose, three big games in a week and a chance to get back in it.

Cardiff game pretty much means nothing to us now.

Good job Bruce isn’t paid by results, he would go hungry if he did.

What a shambles he is clueless, sooner the season is over and we can get rid the better.

We're not getting the best out of the players. The total is less than the sum of the parts. There are many managers in this division who are getting more out of what they've got.

Forget about promotion. On this showing we've no chance of getting through the playoffs, if we get there.

If I was Xia/Wyness/Round I'd start planning for a new manager now. Bruce has been given every chance, and shown a lot of patience by the club. Enough.

Christ knows how but we should get play-offs.

Need to finish fourth and pray we can rectify any first leg calamity at VP.

Like others the way we are playing right now cannot possibly seeing us go up.

I was looking forward to this week and it's all gone sour in 90 mins.

They are saving themselves for an unbeaten run in the play offs!

At least I hope that is what they are doing, another season in the Championship as Greek says with less money does not bear thinking of.

Kept quite for a couple of weeks as my comments usually result in a crap result but after todays result and form of late Villa dont need my help .

The nasty habbit of making easy things look hard and hard things look easy is coming back again imo .

We have a squad of players quite capable of getting auto promotion to preiership and a owner who is willing to back the manager with funds as well .

The blame must rest with the manager for poor results as he sets up the team but some blame also has to be leveled at players who seem to put in a great shift one week and the next they turn up with thats the hard work done now for a easy shift .

Playing like this i cannot see us getting back into the prem for next season i have backed Bruce so far but he must go he cannot get the best out of a squad that should be able to easily get promotion to the prem i have now written off this season as another one of high hopes and low returns .

Lets get shut of Bruce now give the new man a full preseason to change the squad as he wishes and set up the Villa squad and first team to make a consistant push for promotion 2018/19 season and not having a stop start season .

Lets hope for once next season we will stop been the bridesmaid and become the bride for a change .



For the next 5 games, I'd play a few of the kids, not all of them, but maybe one in defence and an attacker.

Give them some game time, this will rest the weary ones ready for the play offs and blood the youngsters in case we don't go up as they might have to play next season!!

I agree give them a go 

Seems likely but not definite that it will be Derby and if we are to get in play-offs then think need to nail fourth place to have a slight hope.If Derby win at VP then likely fixtures reversed.

Our record against current play-off candidates is mixed, Cardiff lost and Derby lost but home games to come, Fulham a win and a lose but they are miles better.

Middlesboro a win and a draw and I include Millwall who battered us at VP, got to play last game and where no one really wants to go.

On the brightside although disappointing of late this time last year we were doing nothing but staying in the Champo.




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