So Cardiff lose with two missed penalties - that’s got to hurt for a while. If we win the gap is 4 points and, whilst they will have a game in hand, they have to come to us.

We must beat Norwich to put the pressure on even more. We had the chance to rest some players early against Reading so same team?

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So frustrating! We’ll probably go and beat Cardiff now but God knows what team he’ll play. I’m guessing Grabban, Jedi and Lansbury will all come in.

It’s not over yet (although it will be soon if we don’t buck up) but I guess we’ll be looking for a new manager if we fail. 

If we have any sense at all we should be lining  up our next manager now, Bruce isn’t up to it, he’s old school managers have moved on. There was a table the other day of top paid managers Allardyce was on £7m a year, managers like him and Bruce are yesterday.

Have to agree with you there JDHS .

Bruce Allardyce and a few others are managers of the past using old methods. 

We should be looking for a new manager who has modern idea's when it comes to how you play a game and use players in our squad better. 

What is the point of paying good money for a player and then play him out of his usual position a no brainer realy try telling that to Bruce though and you are flogging a dead horse. 



In the unlikely event that we go up, we're damned if we keep Bruce and damned if we don't. There's an argument which says keep him because we need stability to face the PL, but Bruce will still fail to get the best out of this squad, and will also be angling to spend money on new players; however, we know know long he takes to bed in new players and time in the PL is something you don't have. Changing managers would be disruptive, as would changing the team; last season's promotion teams have survived mainly because they had stable squads. But it may be the best option in the longer run.

If we don't go up, then some will say he needs more time. Against that, he's had time, loads of it, has signed his own players, and still failed; of those he signed last January, only Johnstone has been a regular, while players like Hourihane and Bjarnason have only played by accident after injuries to other players. Next season we would have less money; Bruce is not the manager to spend it.

So my thoughts are that he has to go whatever. Think he'll stay for the playoffs, but I think Wyness and Round need to start thinking hard about the sort of manager they need, and how best to use whatever funds we have. They probably are.

It's not all gloom. The stated ambition of Round & Co was to develop a Villa style which ran right through the club. Think with the academy up to the U21s they've succeeded, which is why the U21s are doing OK. Bruce doesn't fit. But they must have a clear idea of the sort of manager who would.

I just think that if we can get through the play offs he will be boss next season.

Not what I want, but I think that is what will happen. I also think if we miss out that he will still be here next season. The bosses will quote that we need stability, which I agree with, but is Bruce the one to pin our hat on?

I know what you all think !!

I think (hope) they've stuck with him because of that chance of promotion. If he can't do it I don't see why they'd keep him. Up until know they've given him the benefit of the doubt, and there have been doubts, a lot of them. If he can't do it this year, why would he do it next year? His "experienced" players are getting older and slower. Maybe Kodjia coming back will add a spark, but it needs more than that.



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