I was able to stream Fridays match for the 1st time this season - normally restricted to only highlights.

I was extremely impressed with the youngsters up front but disappointed with the defence - please explain to me what does Terry contribute ? his tackle gave them their goal & was fortunate not to concede 2 penalties ! - Then there is Samba & Whelan - good grief are we really that desperate ?

I thought that we had got rid of most of the deadwood (Flabby still remains) to be replaced with even more over paid  has beens looking to supplement their pensions !

& as for the so called manager - 5 matches in & he still does not know his players ( most of which are his )

or even find a formation the works that can be stuck with - why change the formation from Norwich - that team & formation would have destroyed a mid table BC - it looks like that's us at end of season !

I agree that because the championship is a long hard slog players will be needed to be rested - more rest

for the geriatrics - rest em full stop for rest of season !

Another has been has now been signed on loan - Snotgrass, how much a week is he gonna be on ?

Experience is always required in all successful sides  but not at the expense of promising youngsters

because this clown is just throwing money at has beens to buy promotion - well up to now Brucie you are failing miserably - so give us all a  break take a holiday & give the backroom staff a chance to show you how its done - hang on I will send me Granny down !

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Couldn't gree more. We already have two reasonably good right wingers; Adomah and Elmohady. Plus Green, even though he plays on the left.

Now we have one more, Snoddy, who was a flop at Hammers. Snoddy says he fell out at Hammers because he was asked to play on the left wing, and he didn't want to! Great, what an attitude, what a plonker!!

Maybe Bruce has signed him so that he can ring even more changes. Doesn't seem to register with Bruce when he stumbles across a formation which actually works.

From what the Dr. has said September is crucial. Does that mean that Bruce has to produce or he goes? I've seen enough to ditch him now; I don't think he's capable of getting us promoted, even with the good squads we have now.

Agree 100% .

Still would like to of seen Elphick given more of a chance rather than the money we are wasting on statue Terry.

I just don't get the hype still on other sites regards Bruce.

He has been in charge almost 12 months yet we still look no better than what RDM had us a. RDM  I believe would of had us playing much better football than Bruce by now but we will never know.

Sept has to be good for us as our promotion hopes could be out the window but at least If it does go wrong IT wont cost us to boot Bruce out as his contract will be up.



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