... until we meet up with our good neighbours for a friendly bit of entertainment. I can remember how happy they were at our little bit of trouble earlier in the summer, so surely they're looking forwards to this.

How do you think it will pan out? I'll go for 10-0 to us. By half time.

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I hope the injured players are good to go, but we should still be good enough if we play like we did at Derby.

I am so confident we will win this game its worrying me why?

We just look like things are clicking together nicely whilst Blouse have conceded 6 in 2.

3:1 to us after they take the lead from a villa own goal.

10:00 PM start over here in oz.

Just hope the thunderstorms predicted here in queensland tonight dont appear as I will have no signal on the sat box.

Come on you lions.


Well you got it right about the taking the lead! But that quick-fire double from us was a killer.

Wowee!!!!!!!! Massive win. Not just winning the derby, against a determined Blues side, but everything about the win. Some great play, heroes all. Not a one off; this is where we're at. Onwards and upwards. UTV

Great win and a day out for the Neanderthal Noses couldn’t be better. What a change Dean has made to the team beating Derby at home and now Noses, well done Dean and the team.

Couldn’t be happier 

I didn't see it couldn't find a stream here in Asia, followed it online, sounded great.

Seen the highlights, what an atmosphere. Well done lads.

Isn't it nice to have a decent manager!

Spent half an hour trying to get the AVTV stream for the Forest match to work properly; gave up, it's awful. Switched to EFL Ifollow just in time to catch the 6th goal of the game, Tammy's pen. What a game!!! Pity about the end result but happy that the Bruce era has finally been wiped away.

Our defence looked pretty ropey at times but the fire-power up front was great. El Ghazi looked a different player when he came on; Smith's coaching has paid dividends all round. Onwards and upwards.

Didn’t think we had 5 goals in us great testament to Dean and boys, just need to get the defence on board now.

So it goes on - Pulis bearded in his own den. 3 points off the playoffs, 8 off the automatics.

Enjoying this! UTV

We knew the team was there (and we need more defenders), Smith has given tham a plan to play to. I didn't see it again today, but it sounds like El Ghazi was really good particularly in tackling back.

3 goals against a Pulis team who had only conceded 10 all season is amazing and a clean sheet.

Long may it go on!

Under Bruce El Ghazi looked lost and clumsy. Under Smith he looks superb. He's fast, quick feet, good balance, great ball control and a good shot. And he knows how to take on defenders.

I haven’t felt this good about Villa for a very long time, it just shows what a difference someone can make to a team made up of the players we had in the first place, if he organises and energises them into a team. Cannot complain at all although I am sure Dean will make some changes in January.

Good test on Friday against the yam yams.



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