So once again it looks like a player has used us purely as a shop window... after being left without a club in the summer, Cleverly apparently "begged" Lambert to do the deal for him, unfortunately it was too late to complete a transfer and a loan was rushed through.... How does Cleverly repay Aston Villa for this leap of faith? By sending his agent to meet to Roberto Martinez and arrange a move to Everton.

Its not so much losing out on Cleverly that is bothering me, it's the apparent impact on the plans of Lambert to bring in Adnan Januzaj on loan from Manchester United. 

It is believed that the intention was for Cleverly to sign a permanent 4 1/5 year deal this January and for Aston Villa then to take Januzaj on loan for 6 months for Manchester United. However because Cleverly is now refusing to sign any deal and prefers to wait for the summer, Aston Villa find them selves with a ready made solution for their goals scoring and creating problems being blocked because Premier League rules state that you can not have more than one play on loan from a single club.

Its all spurious rumour but it has come from Manchester sources who are saying Januzaj has been left frustrated as he thought he would get a lot of playing time at Villa which would help him develop and force his way in to the united team.

What would you do? Send Cleverly back? Seems like Fox has lived up to his name in getting Sinclair's asking price down and getting the player to agree to a reduced terms contract it reports are right.

More rumours Spurs are set to offer Dembele for Delph... yet the stumbling block could be Dembele's wages reported to be £70k a week. So if the deal was to go through Spurs will be paying a hefty fee to Dembele.

Vlaar to me is a distraction and circus we can do without. If we get £5m from any of the clubs ship him out... perhaps Januzaj was part of a Cleverly/Vlaar deal???

Anyway onwards and upwards!!!

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Send Cleverly back, he is no good and Everton can have him.

Send him back. Send him back today. Why botter with a plager who does not want to play for us. Hè wantend Everton last summer their faliure to sign him is why we got him on loan. Half the reason hè is not putting the effort in is becquse hè wants his future elswhere.
Vlaar, send him with him.

For a start this all sounds like an empty rumour to me; it's what journos do to make a living.

But it might be true. If it is, then if Cleverley is standing in the way of Januzij coming to us on loan, I'd see if it's possible for Everton to take him now, which would get rid of the problem.

As a player Cleverley might yet come good, but at the moment the jury is out; I think at the moment he's playing reasonably well while not setting the place alight. If the rumour is not true, and Cleverley wants to stay with us, and Lambert thinks he's one for the future, then I'd have no problem with him being signed now.

Sorry m8, in all the games I've watched him play he has been average in midfield at best,not a hint of quality has been shown by the man.
Send him back,offer valaar to sweet things over so we can get a true prospect into our squad for the rest of the season.
Now I read that Valaar is out for 7ish weeks after knee surgery.
Have we as a club run over a black cat?
We won't get any cash for him now as he limps away with a big sign on fee at his next club.

Cleverley hasn't been that bad, and i have to agree with McParland. He has been a consistent seven in our side. never more, but never ever less. That is also what Westwood brings as well. For ages, people derided Westwood for offering nothing, and it is only now that people are stating to realise just how good he is. It would have been/could be the same for Cleverley…..

This is really simple, nobody rates him, we don't want him, he prefers Everton, so everyone's happy goodbye Cleverley thanks for nothing.

Another wannerbe who's going nowhere only oblivion

This is a rumour from just one source. Nothing to back it up. It has all the hallmarks of a journo stirring it. Of course it might be true. But it's highly unlikely. Unless there's more substance let's give Cleverley the doubt. I suspect his main consideration is to get his career back on track, somewhere, and we're at least as good a somewhere as Everton.

He's got skills. He's not a Messi. But if Lambert can improve the players around him I think he'd fit well into that team. Let's face it, if we went on the players fans are supposed not to want, we'd be without Clark, Baker and several others who've turned out OK. Even Young was reckoned to be a waste of space by some. I reckon the Westwood, Sanchez, Cleverley trio could become the force for the future.

to be honest, if Sanchez and Westwood keep developing the way they have been, we could put Nzogbia into that midfield, and he would look good. 

If the Cleverley story is a rumour then we have to say that the Januza, Dembele and Sinclair stories are rumours too. None of them are any more likely or unlikely than any other. They are all rumour. The thing is though, there's usually no smoke without fire.

If indeed Cleverley wanted to go to Everton in the summer, then pretended that it was Villa he wanted all along, and is now trying to engineer a move to Everton, at the same time harming Villa by denying us Januzaj, as well as being crap for us, then yes, ship him off now.



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