Normally i'm very positive about our club as a general rule and will always look for the positives. 


however, if we were to sign joey barton even i will start to doubt my faith. It's not just because i genuinely believe this man does not deserve to lay foot on our hollowed turf as a visiting player, never mind pull on the claret and blue and bare that lion on his chest. 


the man has continually got away with blue murder. given chance after chance where others, in others walks of life would not. made worse by the suggestion of a 4 year deal could see him pocket 5 million of our clubs, mine and yours cash. 


consider this. we have gone from the brink of champions league qualification, with a number of international players, at one point having more players than any other team to be part of the england squad to where we are now.... which is this... within 3 short years, we have gradually had our brightest and most influential stars cherry picked by richer, dare i say (circumstantial, but disappointing none the less) more ambitious clubs. we are now potentially (at least enough to rouse debate amongst our fan base) considering taking a snatch and grab punt on an over priced, average footballer with a criminal record as long as your arm. who has served time for a succession of violent assaults on strangers and team mates. this is the guy who only last season punched morten gamst pedersen over a trivial incident,and then try to play down his attack. yet people are suggesting he has cleaned his act up.


i feel like if this came off it would symbolise far more than simply our club not being able to compete any longer, and that this really would significantly suggest that our board are willing to forgo our ambitions in favour of selling our prize assets, and recruiting cheap players to plug holes.


Yes, barton has his positives as player, and yes, we may not even be interested in him. I have faith in our board and management at this stage, at least enough to hang onto that we remain ambitious and can still compete. however, i we sign this thug and convicted criminal, i feel it will be a sad day and a blemish on the name of Aston Villa Football Club, est 1874.


As far as i'm conserned he's not wanted, he's not welcome, and he's undeserving of the privilege.



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I agree with that Mikey, we neither want or need a player like him, I would rather have Barry back

I all honesty I can't make my mind up, see both sides of the argument....


It could go either way if he joins.... he's a star or he's a royal pain in the arse...

Wake up, we're not going to sign JB, we can't afford him. RL has already made that abundantly clear.

the only thing that has been mentioned is that the wage bill needs to be reduced and that we would not be making many (if any) more transfers. This however would be a free transfer, so anything is possible. in any case i hope we can't afford him.

He wouldn't bring enough to our squad to justify him being bought as a person. You're right, there has to be a limit. As willing as I would be to overlook just one incident, these have been a constant through-out his career and God forgive us when we start saying that punching a player on the pitch shows how much he has improved. 


I haven't forgotten the debatable racist comments he made to Agbonlahor who decided not to press forward with charges to mention one incident. Tbh, if he were signed I'd feel a little alienated from the club I love. However, the good news is that we are not going to have his mammoth wages on our bill with-out offloading players! For once I am over the moon that transfer money isn't our problem, more wages.


If we do manager to dump Beye off a yacht or something I'll be gutted that we didn't do it in time to beat Liverpool to a bid for Enrique... £5m- for easily one of the top 5 left backs in the league in my opinion. What b*stards!!



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