What a huge kick in the teeth Tuesday night was. For the umpteenth time, us Villans were given renewed hope and optimism of an upturn. This time due to yet another frenzied transfer window, with 8 in and 8 out, resulting in yet another major rebuilding (and the second within five months). Yet, with two debutants, Lansbury playing only his second game and Kodjia returning after five weeks, it was to put it mildly, bloody crap.

Our three new midfielders were overrun and outclassed by Dean Smith's well-drilled and together outfit. The loss of Jedinak was crucial as none of the three were able to 'hold' the midfield. I would wager that Lansbury is probably wondering why he is being deployed in that role and possibly regretting things already. Up front, Kodjia looked isolated and out of his depth. While both Green and Adomah occasionally looked to be at least some threat, the front three were disconnected and ineffectual.

So, I will attempt to predict what Bruce may do on Saturday tea time. I think that both full backs are now under threat and could easily be replaced. While Hutton will probably keep his place, Amavi may be due a stand down and Taylor could come in for his debut. The midfield cannot be set up like that again. I can see Bruce playing a 4-4-2 system at home but I'm convinced he will stick with 4-5-1 at Forest. Many won't like this but I can see Gardner coming in to a holding role, leaving Lansbury and Hourihane licence to attack. Sadly, I think Andre Green will make way, the front three being Hogan up top, Kodjia switching out wide and the last spot going to either Adomah, Grealish or Bjarnason.

I see it as:


Hutton Chester Baker Taylor

Lansbury Gardner Houlihane

Kodjia Hogan Bjarnason

Subs: Bunn, Bree, Amavi, Richards, Grealish, Adomah, Davis

Not necessarily my team but what I think Brucie will do.

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Hutton has to go he is worth a goal to the opposition every game, maybe Amavi needs a break but I would keep him. Jedinak was rested but may be available tomorrow.

Frankly I haven't a clue what goes through Bruce's mind, it's not so much the players he selects it's the tactics and set up I feel fails us each time.

As I have said it's his head on the line but for me this is make or break, a loss writes off our season completely a win at least gives up hope of a decent run in even if we are out of time for a play off.

It's time Brucie ...............

Brucie has said that Jedinak is still not ready. I agree about Hutton. Personally, I would prefer Bree, Richards OR Bacuna at right back. But I think Bruce will stick with Hutton.

I think Bruce will drop Hutton, we need someone to hold the midfield, Gardner did that well at Forest, would prefer Jedi, but he is out apparently.

I think apart from Hutton, you are most likely spot on.

I always feel Hutton is a weak link, yip! He's had some decent games this season but in my opinion he's always good going forward but is a poor poor! Defender.

Problem with Hutton going forwards is that somebody else should go over and cover but they don't. It's by no means all Hutton's fault. I think Bruce will (or should be) wary of too many changes at once. It's more important to start getting results than blood new players.

There's also the number of games we have coming up. He's going to have to swap formations anyway. So some players may be rested to prepare for the next match. Kodjia might be one. So, how about:


Hutton Chester Baker Taylor

Lansbury Gardner Hourihane

Adomah Hogan Grealish

Problem with resting players is that we have no wriggle room whatsoever now. What's needed is top two form NOW and for the rest of the season. In reality, promotion disappeared with the Wolves defeat, but I suppose where there's life, there's hope. Anyway, my point is that we just cannot rest players now - particularly Kodjia. We now can't do that.
Sheffield Wednesday have just won. We are now 13 points off 6th place and only 11 off relegation.
Interesting line-up! 3421 with Bree making his debut.

Team: Johnstone Bree Baker Chester Elphick Bjarnsan Hourihane Lansbury Grealish Kodjia Hogan

Bench: Bunn Hutton Amavi Bacuna Gardner Adomah Green

Not sure what formation this is. Hope they know.

0-1 to us 19 minutes. Kodjia, assist by Grealish.

Other than the goal it's not been great. Midfield looks light and not impressed by Thor yet. Still, we're winning and that's good.
Can we drop Johnstone now?



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