What a huge kick in the teeth Tuesday night was. For the umpteenth time, us Villans were given renewed hope and optimism of an upturn. This time due to yet another frenzied transfer window, with 8 in and 8 out, resulting in yet another major rebuilding (and the second within five months). Yet, with two debutants, Lansbury playing only his second game and Kodjia returning after five weeks, it was to put it mildly, bloody crap.

Our three new midfielders were overrun and outclassed by Dean Smith's well-drilled and together outfit. The loss of Jedinak was crucial as none of the three were able to 'hold' the midfield. I would wager that Lansbury is probably wondering why he is being deployed in that role and possibly regretting things already. Up front, Kodjia looked isolated and out of his depth. While both Green and Adomah occasionally looked to be at least some threat, the front three were disconnected and ineffectual.

So, I will attempt to predict what Bruce may do on Saturday tea time. I think that both full backs are now under threat and could easily be replaced. While Hutton will probably keep his place, Amavi may be due a stand down and Taylor could come in for his debut. The midfield cannot be set up like that again. I can see Bruce playing a 4-4-2 system at home but I'm convinced he will stick with 4-5-1 at Forest. Many won't like this but I can see Gardner coming in to a holding role, leaving Lansbury and Hourihane licence to attack. Sadly, I think Andre Green will make way, the front three being Hogan up top, Kodjia switching out wide and the last spot going to either Adomah, Grealish or Bjarnason.

I see it as:


Hutton Chester Baker Taylor

Lansbury Gardner Houlihane

Kodjia Hogan Bjarnason

Subs: Bunn, Bree, Amavi, Richards, Grealish, Adomah, Davis

Not necessarily my team but what I think Brucie will do.

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Agree with you about Kodjia. People say he's selfish, but he has a striker's instinct of making that split second decision of going for goal if he can. You can't spend time mulling up the pros and cons. Yes, there are times when a good pass is missed, but it happens to all strikers.

Johnstone seems a good keeper when it comes to diving to save shots, although wouldn't say he's any better than Gollini. But he seems a bit slow when it comes fast straight at him. So is Bunn. Not much we can do about it.

Pour me an ouzo Greek, I agree with most of what you have said.

There is only one person to blame, he has been allowed to right off a serious championship striker and to clear out players who have been replaced with his choice of player. How long will it be before he decides someone else is at fault because he can't jump over a fence? There's a reason he became useless, management is about sorting those problems.

You are the manager Bruce sort it out because I am seriously sick of supporting a side that is rolled over by very ordinary teams.

You are rated by some as a good manager but you got rolled over by Dean Smith last week and by a caretaker manager this week.

I am seriously fed up with our performances and lack of plan, how do you justify taking off two goal scorers yesterday when down to ten men, we set ourselves up to defend a draw and failed.

You then blame the ref who apparently 'couldn't wait to send Grealish off' you're grasping at straws admit it you got it wrong, if you really believed that about the ref you should have taken the prat off.



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