GOT AN A STAR AND 2 CS. ANGRY AT THE 2CS AS I SHOULD HAVE GOT Bs, flopped the last exam :(. However, got what I need and I can chill. Man I have worked so hard for this. Can't wait to see what my family have to say. A life of being told, I would fail at this and that from teachers and that going uni was quote "unrealistic". Can only thank my parents to be honest. Been amazing and given me so much motivation to prove people wrong. Now I have done that!

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Property is good, its always going to make you money over the long term.


I own a holding company that owns 3 home care companies.  I'm not involved in the care side of things too much, but more the financial/management/planning and overall running of the business side.  The idea is to expand these as much a possible, which there is a big opportunity for due to the changes that are happening in social care in the UK, and that will set me up well for the future.  Further down the line I want to do things that won't always be huge money makers but things that i'm interested in.  Would like to set up a quite exclusives jazz/blue music bar and expand that.  Music is my main passion really so I'm looking to follow that path more in 5 or 10 years time.  Some propety investment possible as well though, if the right opportunites present themselves!  I agree with what you say though about the monopoly game.  Things are so much more interesting when you have a stake in them and can do things for yourself, instead of making money for other people.  Entrepreneurship is the way forward, and the most enjoyable way of making real money in my opinion, but it's not for everyone, some people don't like the stress and prefer a solid regular income with less risks.  All down to personal opinion.

Unless you have a vocation and/or want to make a difference in society then yes you're right, entrepreneurship is the best way of making money quickly. If you want to work for as short a time as possible, make money and then enjoy life with your family, there's not much wrong with that.  As you say it's horses for courses and the risk element means its not for everyone. Those I know who are wealthy now have made and lost fortunes (some of them) several times an everyone without exception left school early.  My own view is I favour education over quick cash, now if there's a way of combining the two that would be the best of both worlds. 
Agreed, don't get me wrong, eductaion is very important, but not sure that people always have to go to degree level.  Most people seem to think these days that you have to get a degree to be success but that quite simply isn't the case.  Yes in some careers it is essential, but in other I think it is a hindrance, and a waste of 3/4 years that could be spent more wisely.


Having a degree may not mean much when you are 25 but it does when you are 35 and an employer is weighing up 2 candidates with impressive backgrounds and can't choose between them. I promise you that most employers would go for the one with a degree (if it's a good degree) even if you wouldn't. I know a lot of head hunters who would say the same. Even in my 30s I know for a fact that I have been awarded jobs in no small part due to qualifications. And to say that a business degree does not help you in business is just plain wrong, if not daft. Hands on experience will not give you knowledge across the entire spectrum of business will it? Unless your first role at 18 is CEO!

Best way to go in my opinion.  It's so much more enjoyable and rewarding when you've done things for yourself.  Good luck to you!

Thanks for the advice, I am considering whether or not it is worth it to retake. Maybe I should just move on and focus soley on the degree. SSmith, I understand what you are saying and agree in many senses. My uncle started with little and now runs very successful business's in morocco. However, the journy was very long and he really did have little at times. However, he made it without any real qualifications. I don't even think he did well in his buckaloria. However, I do want to do a degree and I believe the experince will be worth while, I have not studied business since GCSE's and will need to further my knowledge significantly. However, it was a subject I enjoyed and I look forward to studying it.

You can do it with no bother. You are intelligent and don't feel daunted, you should feel confident within yourself. I took chemistry and found it hard at A level and dropped it. Well tbh I never really worked hard at it and that is the thing with A levels, you need to work hard. Just concentrate on your studies and be well prepared before exams. Revise between 6 weeks and 2 months before an exam and always keep on top of your work. With your difficult subjects, just revise. However, there are always exceptions to all rules. My friend who is going Warwick to study maths, made A level maths and further maths and Physics and G Polictis seem a breeze. He got A stars in 2 of them and 2As and an A in psychology AS.
Sorry to interrupt but wait Serbian, are you also starting year 12 next year or year 13? I assume you are starting one of the two if you are talking about A level subjects... I start next year and have picked maths, economics, chemistry and biology.
I am feeling old and I just turned 18 . Thought, I would be the young one on here. Good luck guys on your A levels. Sure you will do well. Very impressed with your grades. Can't wait for tomo, going on holiday for 3 weeks! Uni starts on the 26th and I will be back on the 19th.

LOL been reading all of this, and you young fellas are making me feel positively palaeolithic! 

I see, I hope I haven't pressurized you into revealing your age, but at least it's nice to know there is someone on here my age! 



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