GOT AN A STAR AND 2 CS. ANGRY AT THE 2CS AS I SHOULD HAVE GOT Bs, flopped the last exam :(. However, got what I need and I can chill. Man I have worked so hard for this. Can't wait to see what my family have to say. A life of being told, I would fail at this and that from teachers and that going uni was quote "unrealistic". Can only thank my parents to be honest. Been amazing and given me so much motivation to prove people wrong. Now I have done that!

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Congratulations mucker!!


Im sure you will be celebrating tonight!

I wish I was celebrating tonight but I am fasting as it is ramdan. However, will be with some friends. But no partying lol.
Where will you be studying business management?
Near my house at Herts. Rejected Brunel too far.

Congratulations Nolhman!  You doing the 4-year sandwich course?


My son did same course at Herts Uni and enjoyed immensely.  He graduated last year.

Yes the same course. And thank you!
No I don't live in hatfield. One bus away
Lol I rejected Brunel because it was too far. They are asking for the same points anyway, and I have heard from people who have done my course that it is good at Herts. Brunel is a nice uni but the travel is crazy and I want to live at home.
But I have a nice house in Park Street where I have recently just moved. My parents give me what I need and are great to me. To be honest, I am very happy to stay at home. If I leave, I will miss my room and nice food I always eat lol.
lol. I don't mind staying at home until I am married. There certainly is enough space lol. What is wrong with staying at home? The problem now a days is things are too expensive and living by your self independently will cost a lot. At the moment I am not allowed to work, but when I do, I will make sure I pay my parents money every month. Even though, they have said I don't need to pay them anything. But I feel obliged to help.



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