...who is the manager with the gun at his back and a chairman with an itchy trigger finger?

Arsene Wenger is the obvious choice of the tabloids. For years feted for his production line of young talented attacking footballers, and open expansive style of play - the loss of his two high profile midfielders to Citeh and Barca, plus the humiliating result at Old Trafford have the Tabloid press at their rabid xenophobic worst.

Steve Bruce is also apparently not safe, with (like Arsene) the poor end of last season form continuing. Sunderland look lightweight up front, and despite recruiting the world's greatest striker ( (c) Nicky Bendtner) Nickolas Bendtner, the hole left by the departure of Darren Bent is mocking the old adage 'No player is bigger than the club'.

At Newcastle, Alan Pardue is under pressure to deliver Silverware and a European spot next season, simply because he works for the Lunatic Ashley, who invests a pittance and expects a huge return.

And of course the new boy at Chelsea, Andre Vilas Boas, who will be expected to deliver the CL trophy and PL with an open, expansive style of football, because Roman is almost equally as unrealistic in his expectations as Mike Ashley.

Finally the dark horse for the bullet, Roberto Mancini, because with the forces at his disposal, he should be able to capture silverware and make the semis of the CL as a minimum, and take the league to the last game. Probably not under immediate pressure, but a few bad results will have that pressure soaring...

So, who is your favourite for the chop??

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Ah, the old sack race!


I think Kean...who isn't on your list..is the most likely.  Narrowly avoiding relegation and a start to the season reminiscent of our start under Hodgson (for Blackburn it;s  the worst start for 60 years!!)  Could we see Kean out and Rafa in...


I think Wenger's more likely to walk than get his collar felt....one of those 'mutual agreement' things and Vilas Boas has been told (allegedly) that his job is safe even if they don't do well this season....do we believe that....I don't know past experience dictates otherwise...8 managers since 2000.


My dark horse...Redknapp!

How come you made this article twice?  It is going to get confusing!

The intent was to have this across all premiership boards, but it didn't appear on any, and I couldn't see how to adjust where it was posted. - SO I put it on the Liverpool one instead.


All further posts on this one please - Comment here please

At the top of the page there should be an options tab (next to the 'add' one).  You just click on the little arrow and select 'edit discussion'.

It should be Steve Kean, he's utterly useless. However I feel the owners won't sack until it's too late.


I don't think Pardew is under pressure to deliver silverware and/or a European spot, I actually think he's done very well since going there.


I can see Bruce going, he seems to be winging it without a plan.



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