In order to go to university. Bold decision, I think he is utterly mental as that would be my dream to play for utd. 


Sorry if this has been disussed already, just heard it first time on talksport. 

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Fair play to the lad if you ask me.
Probably playing the odds.  He may stay a good chance of getting a decent job if he goes to Uni whereas the chances of making it as a football is very slim, never mind at a club like Man Utd!  If he tried to do the latter and failed then he would struggle to retrace his steps.

His choice.

Fair play to him.If your heart is not in it and he is getting abuse for his relation then the Lads decision is a sign of courage and above all else a sign of his maturity.

Good player mind,had high hopes for him but in future years maybe he'll been involved with United in other areas.


Cant knock him.

This must have been a very difficult decision for the lad to reach.  But it is a wise one.  He will be just 23 when he graduates and then will have the option of returning to football, assuming he will keep in training, or elect another career path.  Good luck, Oliver!

Slightly surprised at his decision to be honest because I think he's a decent player and I think he could play for a good club one day but good luck to the lad anyway, he's made a brave decision, one that if I had the choice I just wouldn't do the same.


What are the reasons for his decision, does anyone know? What is it he's going to do at University?

Economics at Durham, according to the Daily Mail.
Good decision for the young lad. Instead of becoming a professional footballer, he might follow in his fathers footsteps. Good money and more cartilidge around your knees!

absolutely, totally, and utterly INSANE!


even if he didn't make it at United, and made it at Burnley, West Ham, Leeds etc he'd still be picking up about £10k a week +, for about 10-12 years


that's career earnings of (minimum I reckon) about £5m - and if he fulfilled his potential it would be A LOT more!!


not to mention you can be a mature student then and start university when you're early 30's, no problem


so he'll have to come out of Uni, and work his way up to a job that'll pay £200k a year, straight away (which wont happen) and work there for 25 years to earn the same


MADNESS, INSANITY, get that boy a shrink!!!!!!!!!


Maybe, it's not all about money for Oliver.  Maybe he just wants to step out of his father's shadow for a few years and lead his own life. 

Oliver Gill won't need money will he.  He's one of 3 of David's children and as such is financially secure for life.


Therefore he can go and do what he wants.  His upbringing, experiences and course choice would mean he could enter football administration if he so chose - and David Gill gets a lot more than £200k a year!  The swine.

Exactly.  He was never going to be a top footballer but as someone said could earn a good living at a small club.  However, that career is relatively short lived.  If he does well in his degree he could land a top job, especially with his fathers contacts and I would say there is a good chance that he could well earn more than he would have as a footballer.  Maybe he would not earn as quickly but a business career, especially one in football, would last a lot longer than the career of a player and the top businessmen (like his father) in football earn more than all but the top players.

but there's no reason he couldn't do that when he's 30!!

one of the wealthiest men I know was a teacher til he was 50 then became an accountant and is making a mint!!


to be honest, I just can't believe someone would throw away the chance to play football for 10+ years, and be very well paid for it - but each to their own I guess!!!



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