Olympic Athlete Seeks £30k for the year, whilst talentless lumps earn that in a week....

An athlete is seeking a sponsorship deal via an online auction site as part of his race to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

James Ellington, 26, from Lewisham in south-east London, will advertise on eBay, with a reserve of £30,000, for which he will wear a sponsor's branded kit at training and press events in the run-up to and after next summer's event.

He has turned to eBay to try to raise funds, without which he fears he risks being left behind his international competitors.

Four years of serious injury meant Ellington - a 100m, 200m and relay sprinter - slipped down the rankings, and has been passed over by the major sponsors who were looking for long-term tie-ups.

He has enjoyed his best season yet, running 200m in the fastest time by a British athlete this year at a non-altitude venue (20.52 seconds).

To train around the clock like his rivals, Ellington says he needs a £15,000 wage and a further £15,000 for expenses to cover travel and accommodation, nutritional support and kit.

Ellington said: "I've been passed over by potential sponsors in the past because of my injury, but that's all behind me now. I'm peaking when it really matters, finishing my best-ever season and smashing my own personal bests just before the 2012 Games.

"All I need now is a commercial sponsor to get onboard and I can commit myself full-time to getting into Team GB and hopefully win a medal for Great Britain at London 2012."


Wouldn't it be nice to see football stepping in here.... for example Aston Villa use the fines they have dished out this year to their players to pay for a sponsorship deal for one of the many Athletes that have been passed over.

What's £30k to a club like Villa? In the same way Acorns can be put on the lads kit and some good can come out of the misbehaviour of Premier League players...  

This is what I call dedication... it might just make these pampered footballers realise just how easy there lives actually are.... 

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