Anyone get anything?


Just found out I got the 2 game day at Old Trafford and the Men's bronze medals match at Wimbledon.


Quite happy with that.

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Was it completely random? Or did you at least get to pick the events you wanted in a certain order or something?

We wanted to take our son, who will be 4, so were limited to what we could apply for.


Basically we went for the events where we could pay his age, £4, for a ticket. Applied for a few football, few tennis and water polo.  Didn't see point applying for athletics.

That's a bargain, did they go all the way down to pennies for babies under 1 year old? Hope you enjoy them.

I can't remember, it seems so long ago that we applied.  For the football I'm going with my husband, our son and my husband's father.  That'll be quite sweet.


He's an OAP so I think it only cost £15 for him.  Hopefully we'll see some South American teams as they take it seriously.

We let each of the kids choose an event to apply for. My daughter chose Synchronised Swimming and my son chose Archery. We steered clear of the very high priced events and the ones that would be over subscribed like athletics. The point was just to be able to say we went to the Olympics.


We eventually got tickets for the Synchronised Swimming Duo Final, so we get to see a medal event. The venue is only a couple of miles from my in-laws so we will be staying with them. Just got to keep my eye out for cheap flights between now and then.



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