Thank goodness the Dr. has said clearly that "only results matter" we supporters have swallowed shite for years and now it's time to put up or p*ss off.

Mr Bruce and the so called experienced players need to do it because I for one have had it with them.

I don't have confidence in Bruce but hopefully it's worth trusting the Dr's word.

"Only results matter"

At last we have it.......

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Dead right. No more excuses. No "trying to find the right formation". No "time for players to bed in". We need wins. Period.

Just been reading the Mail's take on our best lineup. It's striking how unbalanced Bruce's signings have been. Adomah, Elmo and Snodgrass all competing for the same position. Only Green on the left and he's a natural right winger.

agreed McP - no more excuses but these so called explanations from our excuse of a manager

are hardly helping us supporters understand his out dated logic regarding transfers, formations & team selection - I think that most of us would be prepared this season to consolidate with the very promising youngsters rather than throwing money away on has beens.

We all want us to be back in EPL but its impossible to maintain progress with short term success - good grief we haven't even got that much success with this clowns signings & tactics.

I made a deal with 'her indoors' no more ouzo until we are in top 6 - yeah right oh you mean no ouzo for at least 5 yrs ?

You'll be quaffing ouzo by November!! Stay positive.

I hope the Doc has made it absolutely clear to Potato head, get results or get lost. If he is sacked from here he will not get a decent job again we are career breakers!!! LOL



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