The Dean Smith era started with a creditable win against Swansea, followed by better performances but disappointing losses against two form teams, Norwich and QPR. What next?

I think Dean needs to be given time, a lot of it. He has to try things out, give players chances to find out what he's got, and some things are going to work, some not. Me, I think we're OK and will get better.

Bolton we should beat, no doubt. It's the sort of match where in the past we've given the weaker team a helping hand, but hopefully we'll be made of more ruthless stuff this time around. Bolton will park the bus and try to kick the hell out of our players, but their defence isn't very good and we ought to be able to find the net, several times.

I think Dean will stick mainly to the same team, but I'd be surprised if there weren't some changes especially on the bench.


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A win is a win!!! Dean himself said he thought we were slightly better in the two matches we lost. Know what he means, but there were some good signs and good individual performances. Chester looks back to his old self, Tuanzebe gets better and better, and Taylor had a good game. Jack was pretty good as well. Something to build on.

Good win, pleased with that, although there is lots to work at.

Wow!!! 0-3 to us v Derby. Had to go out so couldn't follow it, but according to reports that performance was sheer class, even though we left it late to open the scoring.

We're on the up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We knew this squad could do this, it sounds like we were pressing, passing, pinging the ball around and fast paced attacks.

Sounds like Derby had a few chances at the end of the first half and we squandered many before we finally scored. We were on top for all the second half and deserved the final score.

Sort out our finishing and we will certainly be on the up. I like Smith and his philosophy. He speaks sense at the pressers as well.

Excellent win, could say unexpected win but I am sure like most Villa fans I live in hope.

yes we need to sort out the scoring but you cannot complain about three goals 

All in all nothing to complain at very happy



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