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First let me start of by saying that I know the following information is usually laughed at. I know because its usually me that laughs at it.


However, I work with a relation of John O'Shea and he has told me that he has been told to leave/will be sold this summer, and Fergie alerted Bruce, a manager he trusts to his availability.


O'Shea is considering the transfer to Sunderland, especially as they are offering the captaincy as an incentive.


But with his wife about to give birth anyday now, he has used this family time as an excuse to wait and see will a "bigger" club than Sunderland approach him, with his favoured destination Everton. This would mean he does not have to move as far away, as he is quite settled in the family home he has.


Look, I know these sort of "inside info" articles are common, especially on the now extinct 606, but I can honestly tell you this is true. I work In Co. Waterford where he is originally from and he regularly gets tickets to Old Trafford for the guy I work with (his relation).


Anyway...thoughts? Would delaying a move to Sunderland be the right idea? Would a side like Everton welcome O'Shea?

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Also wanted to add that in no way would I want to see him leave. Never had tons of ability, but plenty of hardwork and kept his head down and I think he will be genuinely missed in Old Trafford...

Don't worry Lucio, I believe ya (because of your thread about ROI). To be honest, I'm not surprised by this & Everton I think would be a genuine option.


What do you make of our valuation of the 3? £12 Million for the 3 seems a little low to me.

I agree. £12m for three players, who regardless of age/rating still have bags of experience in the Champions League etc and maybe at a club like Sunderland Gibson can shine.


Rumor on Eurosport now is that Gibson, Brown and £14m will go to Everton for Rodwell and Coleman. Seems a bit out there to me to be honest, but you can see why Everton will be a vital market for Fergie this summer. The players we are supposedly letting go are at that level (no disrespect to Everton, as its a very good level).


If Evans is let go (again doubtful) I'm hoping O'Shea is kept as cover.


Who knows...

Agreed. Think £12m for the lot is too little. At least £8m for O'Shea with his experience

O'shea is a very good squad player and a decent first team player. He is versatile and also doesn't seem to make too much fuss when not playing the big games. I would be gutted to see him go. Sunderland have been linked with Brown, Gibson and O'shea. I would much rather they take the other two.


If he definitely leaves, I think he should be at least worth £8 to £10 million himself. £12 million for all three seems too low to be honest.



I think it would be a pity to lose Evans also (I know there seems to be no solid interest in him as of yet, only rumours!) but its too easy to remember the bad times with him and forget his fantastic performances against Inter and Chelsea etc.


The relation of O'Shea thinks however that if he moves to a lower team, that he will be found out...Strange thing to say, but maybe you can see his point. We've never seen him in a bad backline...

Oshea is 29, a back up and seem to be on the downward slope. The time to sell has to be now. In this market he should be worth 6 million but among friends what is a fez million transfer fees. Also need to come close to the ridiculous 90 he is on for him to consider a move, they will need the money and save us from paying him that amount. That is almost 5million a yr.

Wes brown: i thought he would leave on a free anyways. Any monie in form of transfer fees should be taken

Gibson: am i the only one who thought he showed so flashes of decency? Think he could become a decent player. Still i thought eikriem was a better player, also think tunniclife is on par with him right now. Will never never be fully accepted by fans. Worth 6 mill on his own, think we should have a sell on clause for him

O'Shea=4 million


Gibson=6.5 million


But im thinking sensibly,in todays wierd PL world Gibsons probally worth 20million haha.

No he wouldnt. 


A. He isnt that good, actually pretty bad. 

B. He is not English, thus 15 + million is not added to the fee. 

I think the "Ha ha" implied that I was joking,jeez.



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