I gather there was a Villa board meeting today, in London, with Xia taking part via a video conference link from China.  It's likely to set the tone for the next few weeks. For a start, probably tomorrow, Bruce will know if he's staying. He'll also (if he's staying as I think he will) know what sort of squad and what sort of budget he has to work with. Testing times!

Think it can go two ways. The optimistic one is that our main problem is a short term cash flow crisis, and there are ways of dealing with that. We need to cut player salary costs, but a start has effectively been made with the players due to leave this summer going. A few more surplus to requirements going might do the trick. Selling Jack and Chester wouldn't bring much in in the short term because sales are always done with staged payments, so there's no great advantage in selling them, and they could stay.

The pessimistic one doesn't bear thinking about. Not only might the cash flow crisis be difficult to solve, it might be an ongoing problem. As well as that, we might be facing serious long term losses which can't be allowed to continue. We might have to sell a lot of players just to stay afloat, and even then might face administration. We might be lucky to stay in the Championship.

Those are the extremes. My guess is that a lot depends on whether Tone is crocked financially. If he is, then he has to get in a willing partner or even sell the club, which takes time.

I'm optimistic. I suspect our immediate problems can be solved (I gather they already have been for a few weeks) and although cuts will be made I think we could end up on a sustainable basis with not too much pain. If so we can all look forward to the coming season, and the pre-season which precedes it.

Hope so, desperately! UTV

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Confirmation that Wyness has gone and the club will fight against any legal action. Nowt else!

Who would believe that things would still be as bad off the field as 2 years ago.

never a dull moment with the Birmingham clubs.

The silence is the norm between the club and fans again, got more info from the Trump , king dong showdown than our lot.

I said we would now see if the Dr had any cash after the prem safety payments finished, now we know he was and is all front. The man is rich on paper but a pauper in real life.

how did he get control with the so called strict club regulation in the buy a club tick chart set out by the FA?

As you say, we wait with bated breath.

brissie my sentements follow yours - for a change ?

We thought things were bad with Deadly Doug but we were always solvent !

Now are we on the slippery slope without financial input from ??

Maybe the Doc can support us but only if his resources can be moved from China !

If not then what happens ?

Actually getting money out of China is the sort of thing which wouldn't be on the FA's radar. The only way they could deal with it would be to ban all China residents from owning football clubs.

Looking at the figures, I reckon he has to have put a lot into the club. Question is, can he continue to do that?

If we were further down the line towards the club breaking even (which is where I think we have to get to) then it wouldn't matter so much. We've come a long way; players wages have been:

2015-2016  £93m  (Randy's last year)

2016-2017  £61m

2017-2018  £39m

Take off the wages of players due to leave this summer and the £39m drops to £25m.  But it's still too high for the championship, and to break even. Get rid of the higher earning players we'd like to see go and it could drop further, £18m without hitting us to much. But even that may be too high, at least in the longer term.

I don't buy the claims that Xia has only spent the parachute payments; I think he's put in a load. Unfortunately, we still need a fair amount to keep on going. Just hope he can do it.

Of course none of us know the true state of affairs. But my hope remains the same at the moment. If the Doc can either continue to fund the club, or get a partner in to help fund us. Then if we can keep Grealish, Chester and Kodjia, add a couple of shrewd (hopefully) loans and we could be in good shape.

I think we all agree that last season we wanted some of the kids to be given a chance and I think that could be the difference. Their enthusiasm and vitality could be what pushes us forward.

But then I am a dreamer.

Every day I half expect to wake up to see that Grealish has gone :-(

Roll on August!

A glimmer of light ...... Hutton signs a new 1 year deal!!!!

Must say I didn't expect that. If the money was as tight as people claim then I thought it would be certain all the players out of contract would be gone.

Very pleased; did a great job for us at left back last season, and it's one more step at keeping a good defence together. Think it bodes well for the season.

More than that; think it's a sign that finances are nowhere near as desperate as people make out. Maybe it really is just cash flow.

I was not a fan of Hutton during the bomb squad days as I felt he was stealing a living off us, but it turned out it was not his fault. He has earned my respect, he makes the most of his ability, trains very hard and keeps himself fit. He always puts in a shift and despite being caught out defensively on occasion he deserves his new contract.

The rumours are that it is a reduced one at that, which if true then he deserves even more credit.

Fingers crossed on Chester, Grealish and Kodjia.

Got to agree with all of that Bosco, he is a model professional of moderate ability but he puts it in.

what I find the hardest to understand is why is Bruce still there, with him a young hungry team playing attractive attacking football is impossible. 

The decisions of higher management,  appointing board members and handing money out to players with lengthy expensive contracts is nothing short of madness.

Reckon contracts handed out post-Lerner have been of reasonable length, unlike say the ones of Gabby and Richards. There's a few which are too high, like Lansbury and McCormack. But the salary bill has come down a lot.

The thinking behind Bruce seems to be that you know what you're getting, stability at the current time is massive, the players are settled under him, and there's a possibility of building on last year.

Getting a new manager when the club can't afford to back him in the transfer market could be highly dodgy. How many good managers would be interested?

Think we need the financial problems to work their way out of system before we can think of different directions.

Might also be that it will apparently cost us £3m to get rid of Bruce and then we’d have to pay another club compensation for their manager. If money is tight then why waste it on managers when the one we have can do a job whilst we resolve the financial issues.

Hopefully the Grealish to Chelsea and back to us for £30m is a goer if we have to sell him as it may mean we can keep the rest and still have a decent squad.

It’s all conjecture at the moment but the next few weeks will be interesting. Oh and Spurs can do one if they think we’ll sell for £15m!!

I am glad we look like keeping Bruce, I know he's not every bodies cup of tea but we need stability more than ever this tear. I cant get my head around  what's going on still , 2 weeks on.

like most I keep waiting for the punch line to be delivered.

like you Andy. I read that its going to cost us 3 million if we got rid of Bruce, I like the guy but I thought he was on a year by year rolling contract.

Could some one explain why we would have to pay him 3 million, unless he has already signed a contract for the new season

Only reason I can think of would be that Bruce is getting payed £3m pa.

My hope is that Xia finds a source willing to invest £30m into the club. It's been said that's what he's doing. Or gets more money out of China. That would see us OK for at least another season, possibly beyond. Reckon the larger figures doing the round in the media are way out.



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