How much longer do you think he will stay between the sticks as it's a mistake every game at the moment.Not seen much of lindegaard but surely hes a better option?

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Is that it? 
A decade maybe?
Diddums. City supporter upset their big win got overshadowed.

Excellent keeper and will finish the season rated higher than any other in the league. 

Enjoyed a bevy or two last night and enjoyed the usual good natured banter and ribbing with fellow red and blue mates.

Most of us Reds said fair play to the berties and agree that they are a good side and are 

contenders [at last].

Predictable reactions from the dark side however producing much laughter and spilled drinks.Evening cocktails followed and the list below gives a fair indication of the way the conversation went.

Reasons to be bitter ..  or the recent history in the long line of  'reasons for our decline' courtesy of the noisy neighbours

Keano/Eric/Becks/CR7 etc leaving

The bubble has burst

Ooh ! .. them Glazers

You owe loadsamoney

Just you wait until SAF retires

God is a bitter


[Doubtless many more to come]

Thing is it's been easy being a Utd supporter for the last 20 years.  Only 2 of those years have been trophyless and you finished all the way down at.....3rd both times.  Much like the 70's 80's belonged to us!
Fair comment - but I go way back to before the last 20 years and believe me its not always 'been easy', enjoyable yes , but not always easy because let's not forget we've had relegation to 2nd division,crap managers and trophyless seasons and yes , ok - I admit it - having to watch you win everything !
Me too iggy

I'm only 31 so that must make me a rubbish supporter eh dontgochangin, far too easy for me.



I'd like to say I'm ONLY 31 too... I'm a rubbish United fan too...


Also "only 31" here too - what are the odds?!

(OK, probably not that high...)
Any other 31s? Any?



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