Does anyone dare to make a prediction for the boxing day game?

If you're brave enough;

A/ Predict the team

B/ Predict the score

Good luck because I haven't got a clue as to the team but I'll go for a 3-0 win for us ( might need 3 own goals though).

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The team might be:

Lowton   Clark   Herd   Baker/Luna

Albrighton   KEA   Delph

Gabby  Kozak   Weimann

Score? We're due for a good result. I think we'll win (we can blow it, but my gut instinct is that we won't). Possibly at least 2 clear goals in it. Say 3-1 to us.

By the way, people talk about 6 pointers. This could be a 3 placers. Or even 6 placers. Win, and we might well climb 3 places to 10th. Lose, and we could drop 3 places to 16th. Think we'd better win.

The 3 points are the most important thing no doubt about that but we should also get a chance to see some good football on the deck surely these players can pass the ball they are supposed to be professionals. All we have seen this season is Guzan hoof the ball to Benteke/kozak and then look for the knock down.

To witness some finesse about our play would be good.

Benteke Vlaar and Westwood are all definitely out of the game so with the options available I would go 4-4-2 with Gabby and Kozak upfront.

Albrighton and Weimann on the wings

Delph and Gardner in the centre

Lowton and Luna as the full backs

Guzan in goal

Herd and Clark at CB

i reckon that the two worst possession stat based teams in the prem will end up having their regular 40 percent possession each.

With the air having the remaining 20 percent. 

5-0 Villa, hat trick for Gabby one each for Kozak and Helenius (he comes on in the 89th minute and gets an assist from Bowery).

Happy Christmas everyone, I'm going right on the piss!!!

I think it will all click and we will win 4:0!
It could be the small amount of sleep due to santa and kids or the large amounts of rum and coke drunk on this hot festive day in oz but either way our look has to change!
Merry Christmas to all from 35 degrees Australia, enjoy the holidays,family's and the game!

Awful so far. So pedestrian. The lack of tempo in our passing is cause for concern. We don't pass quickly enough or get crosses in. Tedious and tame.

Don't want to be negative, but this is some of the worst 'football' I've seen at Villa for a long time. This is back to McLeish standard of play. Crowd shouting out 'where's the movement?' and it's true. There's nothing. We offer nothing. What does Lambert do in training with our players? Do they watch uplifting movies so they have good 'spirit' and 'belief'? This isn't just a kneejerk rant, anyone can see our quality of play is not up to scratch. Lambert has built this team, but we're lacking a heck of a lot of skill and quite frankly footballers that know how to move off the ball. Static, dire, dross.

I'll always support the Villa in every game, but I just think this team is not good enough at all to stave off relegation if we keep performing the way we have been. 

oh. we are in a spot of bother now - and Lambert will be seriously feeling the pressure. 

I have to agree, I'm as positive as they come, but that was dire. I keep asking about Helenius, bought by Lambert, but never gets a game, Bowery looked better than Kozak, Weimann has to be dropped, Luna is not good enough, Pulis spotted that at half time and targeted him in the second half. We were a little unlucky to lose it to a wonder strike at the end, but we certainly didn't deserve to win. I would fear for Lambert if we lose again on Saturday.

We need Vlaar back and Benteke on fire otherwise, I do fear the worst. Sunderland Fulham and Palace all win YIKES!

We need to change it up for Swansea, give Helenius a go, or Bowery from the start, Gardner for El Ahmadi, Bacuna for Luna.

The pressure is on Lambo now, I hope he can turn this around.

Paul Lambert can f*** off. Utter dog s*** today. Pathetic.

I don't even know what our gameplan is. We don't get the ball wide and whip in crosses and we don't pass the ball quick enough to play through teams. At home we lack creativity so badly its unbelievable. Always sideways with us due to no movement and then we lose it in the middle and its 3 on 2 because we're out of position

I see why Benteke hasn't scored in a while, our strikers get no service whatsoever. Lambert continues to play Weimann who although he had our best two chances did sweet FA. What's the point of buying players like Tonev, Helenius , Bowery and then giving them no game time at all. Beyond stupid.

We haven't scored at home again. Only scored 6 in 9 games and 3 of those came in one match. To put this in contract West Brom, West Ham, Fulham , Sunderland , Norwich & cardiff the teams directly below us have all scored more goals at home than us.

Puzzled. From what I remember, last season we were moving the ball better. Even when we getting beaten, we tried to retain possession and keep up decent movement. And on our day we looked pretty good.

OK today according to the stats we had 2/3 possession. But Palace had more shots and more of those on target. They may have parked the bus but we should have been able to apply real pressure.

Better hope that Swansea are shattered. But will still try to play their passing game. Counter-attacking is our only hope.


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