Why stay at a club which doesn't want to give you games?
Why stay at a club where even after showing your patience and winning the FA YOUTH CUP you don't even make the bench? Why stay at a club which cannot offer you a decent contract when in the past it has given bumper contracts to sh*t players like Bebe, Obertan and Anderson?
Why should you have more patience? There are many other clubs who can offer more money and more first team opportunities then where you are currently? Why stay at a club where rules and regulations carry more importance than your talent? Why stay at a club where a managers ego carries more weight than your ambitions inspite of you being the better option than most? Why stay at a club which recalls a 38 year old from retirement but cannot give you games? Why stay at a club who plays Rafael and Park ahead of you despite you being the better option? Why stay at a club who expects you to show loyalty and wait in the sidelines for your opportunity to come like the 80-90s despite the fact that loyalty counts FUCK ALL these days and money talks.
So Mr. Pogba it would be good for you for look out for other clubs which would be better for your career financially. Hope you realize that United isn't the club you should be at. Please leave this club since it's strict rules and regulations regarding youngsters carry more weight than your talent (even if the youngster is a Messi or Rooney but shouldn't get games because he doesn't fit the stupid age policy of the club)and hence not 1 world class player has emerged from the club for the last 20 years.
Au Revoir Monsieur Pogba!

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Pogba wasn't even the best player in the youth cup win. He isn't good enough yet and if you'd watched enough of him then you'd know that.

Pogba may or may not be ready but he surely was the best option in the middle of the park against Blackburn. Also he should have been on the bench at least which he wasn't and that clearly shows something is not right. Also Morrison was clearly ready for more appearances. But Fergie's ego came in the way. So what if didn't turn up for training? So what he was a thug?  As long as he shows it on the pich it's fine by me. Yes he is a nasty individual but do I care? Not a bit.! That's his personal issue. Just for a few k's a week we are risking losing our best youngsters. Pogba, Morrison, Welbeck, Fryers all have contract  issues.

          Fergie has always satisfied the Old Trafford faithful all these years and clearly everybody wants to see more of Pogba even if he isn't ready. Our youth policy is just downright stupid and old-fashioned! Why are we afraid to put our youngsters in the deep end for the fear of losing their confidence?  Phil Jones is maybe on 40-50k a week and Pogba isn't much younger and we are holding out on a few bucks. God forbid if he goes on and makes a fantastic career somewhere else. Who is to blame?

         Nobody is saying shove Pogba in the deep end against tough opposition. But home games against lesser "No team is less going by some results though" teams was a must.

          The thing with Fergie is that he expects this batch of youngsters to wait in the wings for their turn just like Giggs, Scholes, Becks,Nevs,Fletch,Oshea etc did which obviously the current generation of players won't do and is right. This isn't 92 anymore FFS! Money talks and players are more impatient these days. Fergie of all should have understood this. It's not that Paul is a born and bred Manc who supported the club since childhood. Why would he even care for us if we don't do justice?

You may want to see the front page article about Cleverley. 

yawn 2

Dear Red_Indian,

You are an absolute idiot. Not one world class player has emerged from United in the past 20 years??? You obviously haven't been following football for the past twenty years and noticed the talent it has produced and developed. I'll list off the names if you want, butI'm sure you get all your football information off tabloid newspapers soI'll leave you to it.

Secondly don't even compare Anderson to Bebe or Obertan. Anderson has a bumper contract? Were it not for Anderson's bad luck with injuries he would one of the leagues best midfielders.

Now to get to Pogba. Please leave the club? Pogba is clearly being misguided. Don't even question Sir Alex's approach to developing young players you idiot. Ferguson knows exactly what he's doing and he is not going to be pushed around by Pogba's agents who from what I hear are demanding ridiculous money.

The fact that your telling Pogba to better his career financially sums it all up. You don't actually say better your career football wise because there is no club better in the world, besides Barcelona that develops young players than Man United.

So you can F*** OFF mate, cheers.

Your pal, Pogba

Were it not for Andersons bad luck with injuries he would have been the one of the best midfielders in the league.
If my aunt had balls.......

Still talking bollocks RI?

RI- kindly leave with him. 

I see the village idiot is still at his idiotic best



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