Paul Pogba says he left Manchester United because of Ferguson's broken promises

Paul Pogba has something of a right to snap back at Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. He left the Premier League club with all kinds of accusations ringing in his ears about being a money grabber and throwing his career down the pan in chase of Euros.

Ferguson told MUTV in July "Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we are aware, it's a bit disappointing because I don’t think he should us any respect at all.

"To be honest, if they carry on that way,  then I'm quite happy he's away from me anyway."

TMW today claim that Pogba, before the weekend when he's expected to make his Serie A debut, has sent 'poisoned arrows' to Ferguson and accused his former manager of being the reason he left the club. They say that in an interview with a French magazine, the midfielder said "Ferguson told me that my time would come, but then I did not play. I turned down various clubs to get to Juventus."

The Italian outlet say the comments are from a French magazine and we take their word on that, alternatively it could that they are happy to stir up the situation. During the Pogba saga, the Italian press were way ahead of their English counterparts and when the transfer was completed acted like they'd won some kind of international battle for Pogba, on behalf of Juventus. They're quite happy to cause a bit of trouble and their description of 'poisoned arrows' is probably stretching things a bit.

However, Pogba is entitled to fire comments back over to Manchester and if he does appear for Juventus this weekend, and do well, then it's a bigger leap than many - including us - thought he'd have made by now. 

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