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Breaking news on Sky just a minute ago reporting he has been diagnosed with Accute Lukemia


Im Gutted hope he is ok!!!!!

Just heard on the radio this is awful news for Petrov and his family. Another bad day for the sport and everyone connected with him and Aston Villa. Not a lot we can say, again football is put into perspective, he has been a model professional for the sport he loves.

Good Luck Stiliyan

comment from the club

We expect to learn more about Stiliyan's situation in due course and we have moved quickly to support him and his family," said a club statement. "During this time we ask that Stiliyan's privacy is placed ahead of all inquiries and trust that we will share information as we receive it. Stiliyan is cherished by many and he will get from Villa every ounce of love and support that we have to help bring this to a positive conclusion."

Terrible news. Don't know much about the lad but from msgs of support he seems well liked by many. Always one I've been weary of in matches versus United. Football being put into perspective once again. All the best to him and his family for a full recovery. 

oh my god! just assumed it was a virul infection!  "pray for Petrov"

At least it's been diagnosed quickly. But Stan's got a huge battle ahead. Stan, we're all behind you!

what? Petrov has lukemia? i am absolutely gutted if that is true.

jeepers, just got some info, sounds very very serious. he may never play for us again! oh no, i will really miss him.

Yeah, shocking news.

However, one thing we know about Stan is that he is very determined and a fighter.

'Heart of a lion' according to a former Celtic colleague.  Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for the lad who has been a great servant for us.

Really sad for Petrov and his family. I hope his return to health is swift, that he can resume his career soon and that the club stands by him throughout.



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