Photos: Images appear of new Liverpool kits, and they're a bit comical

Images which claimed to be the prototypes for next season's Liverpool home kits began doing the rounds on Twitter and the internet yesterday. Increasingly, these are correct or close to what new kits will look like and around a year ago images began to appear of Liverpool's 'unique' third kit which were dismissed as obviously being nonsense before they turned out to be true.

The same can be said for Manchester United's tablecloth but both shirts aren't as bad in reality as they looked all those months ago on the internet, they're not vintage though!

It's always correct to keep in mind that these kits can also be way off, we showed with the rumoured Manchester United jerseys a selection of designs that never came to reality. So if you love these new kits then don't get your hopes up too much and if you hate them, perhaps don't march down to the Warrior office just yet.

The home kit:

The away kit, if you're of a nervous disposition, look away now: 

The third kit...

Rumours that the second and third kits are what convinced Jamie Carragher to hang up his boots at the end of this season are as yet unconfirmed. 

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