Photos: Joe Hart in 'nut attack' on Manchester United's Wayne Rooney

Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart had a way to alleviate the boredom at the national team's hotel in Basel this weekend. Swiss newspaper Bild caught the Manchester City player throwing nuts at his national team captain Wayne Rooney, who was stood on his balcony alongside Liverpool's Raheem Sterling.

Monday night sees the important qualifier between England and Switzerland, how the match turns out will be important for both countries and set something of the stage for their qualifying campaign. There's a lot of tension around the England camp following a poor World Cup campaign and the team's lacklustre performance last week against Norway only served to increase that.

Wayne Rooney scored a penalty to help his country to a narrow victory and Manchester City's Joe Hart was able to keep a clean sheet. The goalkeeper's playful launching of nuts shows there's still a bit of fun among the under pressure players and also shows there's no special treatment of Rooney since he became national team captain. It's a little harder to imagine Joe Hart chucking nuts at Steven Gerrard. Blick call it a 'nut attack' which sounds rather more exciting than it is.

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