Hey just informing a few that may not know he signed for juve a couple of days ago. A few people wanted him at utd I however was not one of them.


I thought he may end up at city or chelsea when carlo was there for one last big pay day but he has decided to stay in italy on a 3 year deal.

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Yeah I'd agree, don't think he has the legs for the English game.

He averages 92 passes per game, at the San Siro when Park stopped him playing he only made 22 or so.

He has been heavily on the decline in the last couple of years.


Seedorf at like 35 got more games than him. I think he only played 20 something in all comps this year. 17 only in the league

Yeah read that he only started 12 this season.

The Italians do like a bit of experience though
Yeah Juve are a mess tbf. They are still nowhere near gettiing over the scandal and the impact it had. Pirlo will get games, not sure how effective he will be though
It makes sense on their side though. Get Pirlo for free and choose not to make Aquilani deal permanent.

I have a feeling he may end up back at Liverpool because nobody will pay the fee they want. Unless they drop their asking price.

 Juve really are a mess though. Italian clubs in general have fallen pretty far, behind German and French leagues in my opinion.

Most definatley agree on the quality of the league.


They want 16 million euros for aqualani and he doesnt wwant to go back. That was the original fee agreed with juve a year ago. Now they dont want to pay that much.


I think they will sell him cheaper than that but not to juve just for trying to muck about and move the goal posts.

I've watched Juve a couple of times and he never impressed me.

Even all the games against us for Roma he never stood out.

Liverpool got done I think.

I know. And his injury record before liverpool was ridiculous. Talk about flushing money down the drain.


Btw check out the video in the article below, its well odd.

To be fair, Pirlo was plagued by injury this year, missed at least 3 months in the middle of the season as well as good chunks of time elsewhere. I think he's a good pick-up for Juve, who are in for some serious rebuilding. Will be interesting to see what Conte (the newly appointed manager) can do. Del Neri was an enigma, they'd follow an excellent performance with a laughable one, and the number of times they threw away 2 goal leads was shocking. Can't stand Juve anyway, so I'm happy at their continued decline...


Aqui played quite well for them in patches (no one except maybe the ancient Del Piero was any good at the tail end), but the jury is still out as to whether he is up to the pace of the English game if he does indeed return to us.

Aquiline should be sold. He doesnt want to be in England. If Conte thinks he isn't physical enough for Juve, he isn't for us. Plus Merieles has been tremendous, as has Lucas. 



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