For anyone who watched MOTD last night you would of noticed it showed Lambert sitting in the crowd at WHL, but why??

One of the rumous doing the rounds is that L'pool want Bent in January and there was talk of Henderson coming the other way.

Rodgers named his team yesterday morning for last nights game and Henderson was in the starting XI which he has rarely been this season.

Could be pure coincidence but what would people think of a switch involving these two?? Cant see the logic my self

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a swap deal between Bent and Henderson would be fine by me. They could even throw in Downing or that lad Wisdom to boot, and i would be very happy!

He's been shiiiiiiiiiiiiiite since he moved to Liverpool, but then so has Downing !

Why would you want Andre Wisdom and Downing and Henderson omg 

I would rather not have henderson i don't see his purpose in midfield and I doubt he would help us and I have a real hatred for him in general :) Or it could be in about 2 weeks or so we are playing liverpool



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