Counting the days, getting nervous?

This is our biggest game for years, win and it is euphoria, lose and depression sets in, lose badly and the Bruce out brigade will have a party!

It is touch and go, I hope it doesn't come down to penalties (unless we win of course!!).

Likely to be the same team as the last two matches right back to be Elmo if fit or Bree. I suspect he might pick Whelan ahead of Jedinak as he has a slightly better engine for the big Wembley pitch.

He has to start with Grabban up front.

Anyone confident? Anyone sure we will lose?


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Haven't the faintest. But am reasonably sure it won't go to extra time, let alone penalties. One team will be the clear winner.

We're good enough to win. If we make full use of our quality and experience we will. But we've misfired an awful lot of times this season. Have to wait and see.

I hope he sticks with Jedinak - the Wembley pitch is (according to Wikipedia) exactly the same size as Villa Park's.

I'd go with: Johnstone, Elmohamedy, Chester, Terry, Hutton, Snodgrass, Jedinak, Hourihane, Adomah, Grealish, Grabban.  Subs: Bunn, Bree, Samba, Whelan, Onamah, Hogan, Kodjia. 

So would I, but I just have a feeling he might put Whelan in for Jedi, then bring jedi on if we are hanging on to a 1-0 with 30 mins to go!

Just like to wish the club all the best for Saturday, Sunday 3 am here in Queensland.

Not got a clue on who will win this.

For me it' just a case of which Villa team turns up.

The team that outclassed Wolves, Cardiff, yes we will win.

The team that turned up against QPR or Bolton, we will lose.

Just prey they go for a win with style rather than defend , with a break away form of attack.

Any ways in nervous as hell 

Great comment Brisbane


One more sleep. Geez I hope we win.

I hope and prey we go up but what happens if we don't in terms of fair play, spending,

etc for next season?

Don't get me wrong I hope we go up but as been said on other sites I read, the championship has been a breath of fresh air compared to the boring, staleness of just surviving in the prem like 12 other clubs. As far as the media know, only 6 clubs are in the prem whilst the rest are nothing.

At least now we are a big fish in the championship pond that is full of proper loyal fans rather than plastic club fan bases like Chelsea , spurs, asia scousers etc,.

if we go up how much will it cost to build a team that is battling for survival?

I'm sure it puts the so called 80 odd million we have spent the last 2 seasons to shame.

if we stay down, which wouldn't bother me, how much are we allowed to spend on transfers due to fair play rules etc, that the big 6 get away with?

if we can spend, it will show if the chairman really does have the cash to back his gob.

yes going up is what we all want but are we really ready for promotion so soon after only just getting stable again?

all I know for now is I'm a nervous about tomorrow but I'm looking forward to watching the game with a Geordie mate and lots of wine.

I have been a Villa fan for over 40 years and this is for me the 3rd biggest game I can remember.

European Cup win, Div 1 Championship and now this game. It is bigger than FA cup finals and bigger than league cup wins. As this one game might determine the future of our club.

I take your point Bissie about it being nice to win games and be at the top etc, but the longer we stay down the further behind we fall.

I do not believe that Dr Xia is a billionaire who is willing to fund us like Chelsea or City. I think he is a smart businessman who has a good team around him and will manage our clubs finances in the right way.

The danger of not winning tomorrow is that we might have to lose many of the bigger names due to FFP and next season we will be rebuilding again with the inevitable manager change as Bruce is forced out if we are not at the top.

I don't think we need to spend a fortune to stay in the PL in the first season if we can keep most of this squad. What we need is a team working together for each other. Look at Huddersfield, Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley and indeed Leicester. Hard working teams who remain in the top flight. After a couple of years we can think of pushing on. This club had a huge decline under the terrible Yankee reign. We have to recover slowly.

However, having said that, if we do not go up we might be forced to use some more of our kids, which might be a good thing.

Aston Villa's under 15's play Chelsea tonight in the final of that competition we are Northern winners and they Southern.

But my god it would be fantastic to win tomorrow! I'm on a ship in the Caribbean right now and just hoping ESPN show it, if not it will mean following on text and twitter!!!!

Really enjoyed reading all the comments !

But will not even consider the what ifs or maybes - for once I am confident  that this prat of a manager will

get it right & play like we know the players can - if allowed & produce a final fitting of our club !

Her indoors has stocked up the ouzo !

I have no words!!

Wonder how we'll all feel in 8 hours time. A big day. Come on lads, win in style!  UTV

Arrived at Wembley ready for the game. I must admit I haven’t been this nervous at a villa game in such a long time. So much resting on this - I heard that the winner will get around £170m? Pressure? What pressure!



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