Counting the days, getting nervous?

This is our biggest game for years, win and it is euphoria, lose and depression sets in, lose badly and the Bruce out brigade will have a party!

It is touch and go, I hope it doesn't come down to penalties (unless we win of course!!).

Likely to be the same team as the last two matches right back to be Elmo if fit or Bree. I suspect he might pick Whelan ahead of Jedinak as he has a slightly better engine for the big Wembley pitch.

He has to start with Grabban up front.

Anyone confident? Anyone sure we will lose?


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Elmo plays, so usual squad:

Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Hutton Snodgrass Jedinak Hourihane Adomah Grealish Grabban

Bench also as usual:

Bunn Bree Whelan Onomah Hogan Kodjia Barney

Sh*t. 0-1 to them, 23 minutes.

sad to say thus far we are chasing shadows, set up defensively with the hit them on the break style which is leaving Fulham with so much space to tear us apart. 

Are we as pants as it sounds? Got to come out to play in the second half.

When do we go 4 up front?

we are playing the type of game we all dreaded.

we look frozen with fear with no clue how to attack, well you cant attack with no midfield or a lone striker.

Plan b better be good as this isn't good to watch.

That’s been a shocking first half performance from the ref, Fulham should be down to 10 men

On the bright side, we have to be better in the second half don't we?

Was it a stamp by the Fulham player? We don't get a lot of luck at Wembley.

I blame Greek for being positive for the first time all season!

OK MR Bruce, this is what you get paid for, we need a plan B, more of the same and we lose.


I don’t want Villa to play this way. I know Fulham are good but we have to attack them and, if we lose, then at least we tried. We attacked Wolves and battered them so why can’t we do the same now? If we do go up and try this in the PL we will get beaten every game.

It was a stamp and in front of the fourth official.

The commentary is so biased against Villa.

Time to earn your money Bruce

You failed us Bruce can we sack him now?

why didn't we set up to play the first half the way we did in the second half?

we ripped them to shreds second half before the sending half, I thought we were average after that.

If that was the plan for the first half, can't defend you from the fans anger Mr Bruce.

Fulham looked scared to death second half, what could of been I guess,

oh well, lets lose the old players, loan players and see what the kids have to offer.



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