Counting the days, getting nervous?

This is our biggest game for years, win and it is euphoria, lose and depression sets in, lose badly and the Bruce out brigade will have a party!

It is touch and go, I hope it doesn't come down to penalties (unless we win of course!!).

Likely to be the same team as the last two matches right back to be Elmo if fit or Bree. I suspect he might pick Whelan ahead of Jedinak as he has a slightly better engine for the big Wembley pitch.

He has to start with Grabban up front.

Anyone confident? Anyone sure we will lose?


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A mix of kids and a few of the current squad is what we need.

A full season of Kodjia and we have a chance, such a shame we lost both Grealish and Kodjia for so long, otherwise we might be up.

Big decisions now for Xia and Co. Personally and I fear the wrath of others, but I would keep Bruce. It was constant managerial changes that cost us previously. Glad it is not my decision.

See you all in August!!

It was a Cup Final!!! The teams who win are generally those with the mindset to take the game by the scruff of the neck. In the first half Fulham played with freedom and no fear, as the over-cautious way we were set up was incapable of giving them a scare. In the second half we tried but were pretty ineffective. And we ended up with the Bruce master-tactic of 3 centre forwards on the pitch. Deluded.

None of us knows what the financial implications are for next season. It's a fair bet there will be changes; we will have to shed some players. So in reality there needs to be a rebuilding effort. Will the club trust Bruce to rebuild? Would any of us?

I hope the club already has a clear idea of what direction we will be going in next season. They've had plenty of time to prepare. Maybe they'll give Bruce another go. I wouldn't, because time and time again when it matters he's fallen short. Forget "that's what the Championship does to you"; it didn't do it, much, to Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham.

Remember next season we'll face Baggies, Stoke and Swansea. They may have fallen short in the PL, but they're hardly falling apart in the way we were when we were relegated. It'll be tough.

Been keeping my head down in recent weeks .
Main reason is that when ever i post regarding fixtures and result's my prediction's always seem to have ended up being wrong and usually costing Villa point's .
Very disappointed today not with the performance or the game itself it was always going to be a tight affair with in my opinion one goal either way settling it .
The disappointment i have is for me we should not have been in the play off's in the first place.
We have shown through out the season we have a team and squad that should have got auto promotion but with a combination of crazy team selection's and injuries we would have been on Wolves heel's .
That's over with now next season to look forward to what happen's now several question's will be asked and answered in the closed season .
Will Terry stay ?
Will Grealish leave ?
Can we sign Snodgrass and Johnstone ?
Will we get Grabben again ?
Lastly which squad player's will we keep and which we will let go that is a topic we have plenty of time to discuss now .
The main question that will be discussed by all fan's and those in charge at the Club is Bruce has he done enough to give him another season or should we get rid and start afresh with a new man and new idea's ?
Me for all his work and money he has had Bruce always comes up short always the bridesmaid never the bride dont get me wrong he has had his good spell's as manager this season but some of the team's he has picked have been strange at best and have caused us to drop point's those point's which if collected would have got us auto promo so i say thank's Steve you have done your best but it's time to move on .
The next manager i would like to see is a foreign coach who could turn round Villa's style of playing full circle and make better use of our entire squad including blooding youth and also have yet another cull of deadwood .
The main thing is if any changes are made they need to be done asap so either Bruce or the new man can get down to preparing for the new season in good time .



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