Well here we are. Are we going to be disappointed? Angry? Happy? On the beer (or Ouzo)?

Time will tell. I think we need to play on the front foot and try to end it in the first leg. We should have enough fire power, do we have the desire?

Brucey and the back of house, over to you!


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Get behind the team lads, these are the (hopefully) 3 biggest games for years. Not the time for bickering, the time to support the team and be positive.

Greek put your happy head on and send out some good vibes, your reward will be OUZO a plenty!!


We need to get Grabban into the game a bit more, I'd love a clean sheet today!

So far so good, keep it up lads.

My happy head is always on when we win ! so a few ouzo's can be supped !

Roll on August when we will be 'up there' with a new forward looking manager to replace this idiot !

I am more positive now & dreaming of good times to come but still with reservations until I can see the changes to be made for next season !

You can't even give the man credit for yesterday' result, you are such a tool.

It sounds like you didn' t see the game again yet formed your usual negative opinion.

All have criticized Bruce but still give him credit when it's deserved but not you.

You really are a Greek tragedy. 

Settle for that, we sat back too much in the 2nd half, but they didn't really threaten too much.

As long as every ones favourite boss doesn't try to sit back and defend for 90 mins on Tuesday, we should be OK.


Indeed settle for that but it was worrying that our midfield was pretty much none existent in the second half but a win is a win well done lads.

I'll settle for that as well. Hugely important not to lose this one; for 'brough to lose makes it all the sweeter. We turned up. I'm not worried about us sitting back in the second half; I think Pulis & Co will have more recovery to do than us by then.

We're not there yet. But we're going in the right direction.

Same line-up except Bree in for Elmo.



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